You would be blown away!
You would be blown away!

You would be blown away!

The staff at the Music Works are very friendly! I just wanted to try digital pianos only for a while, but they told me I could spend as much as time I wanted and try any models. No (forceful) sales talks at all!

I appreciated it because in other shops I visited (not all), the staff focused on talking too much, so I couldn’t try the instruments as much or wouldn’t let me try the instrument for the 2nd time visit though I was there to try it again to confirm to make the payment!

Nevertheless, I appreciated the staff in other shops were not so nice that I was able to purchase the instrument I really wanted at the Music Works!

By the way, when I decided to purchase the instrument with the Music Works, they delivered it to my place very quickly and set it up professional. What’s more, they carried the model I wanted to try! Other shops didn’t have this model displayed. I really enjoy CASIO GP-510! You would be blown away!

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