unleash the drumming talent of your children

Drum Classes for Kids

Ever realized that your kid has the talent to become a talented drummer? Because instinctively, every child loves the sound of percussion and usually tends to mimic them in a raw pattern. If you’ve noticed this, it’s time to unleash their drumming talent.

TMW drum lessons for kids are ready to develop your child’s hidden talent as a drummer with the proper routine in a fun environment alongside experienced drum tutors.

Our drum lessons for kids are best suited for toddlers starting from 6 up to 12 years old because we believe this age range is the golden age and will be much easier for them to learn and accept something new.

Additionally, we are offering a one-time trial class for only $25 if you’d like to have an actual understanding of how our drum teaching method.

Drum Course Content

Fundamentals are the key, therefore in this drum lesson for kids we focussed on the basic routine of drumming:

  • Learn the many parts of drum kits
  • Learn the correct drum posture
  • Learn the concept of rhythm and beat
  • Learn hands and feet coordination
  • Learn the drum fill-ins and snare hit combination
  • Learn the concept of Drum rudiments
  • Learn the musical terms in drum
  • Learn Pop and Rock music drum pattern
drum course content
experienced and friendly drum tutor

Experienced and Kid-Friendly Drum Tutors

With years of experience in teaching drum techniques to the younger generations, our drum tutors understand how best to approach the little ones in every situation.

Our drum tutors’ training method is by following the students’ pace effectively to make sure they have really taken in every part of the teachings.

All of our drum tutors are certified and committed to teaching even the freshest beginners in drumming, the standard principles, and foundations.

Relaxing Drum Studio Environment

At TMW drum school, we only use the latest and most high-quality electronic drum sets to make sure students are getting the best experience without a hitch. Our electronic drum set comes from the globally known brand in the musical instruments industry, Yamaha Corporation.

We also want to give our students the best of both worlds by providing a cozy yet productive environment. Our spacious and comfortable drum studios ensure that students don’t feel cramped up and uneasy with all the pressure of mastering something new to them.

relaxing drum studio

TMW Drum School Address

The Music Works @ Chai Chee

Music School & Showroom

  • 750 Chai Chee Road, #01-13A ESR BizPark @Chai Chee (Formerly Viva Business Park), Singapore 469 000
  • Operating Hours: 12 pm to 8 pm (Monday to Sunday)
  • Public Holiday: Closed (By appointment only)
  • Phone: +65 6909 3618
  • Email: enquiry@absolutepiano.com.sg

“The first drum beat we all heard
was our Mother”

Drum Trial Lessons for Only $25!*

Trial Class fee waived if register a regular class on the same day

We understand every parent wants the best for their child, that’s why we are encouraging you to apply to our one-time trial class for only $25 (30 minutes) to have an actual understanding of how the teaching works and how your kid responds. You just need to fill in the form below and our team will get back to you soon.

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