Prepare to be the star of a show or event as you strum your fingers on your new found talent, the guitar.

Once you get a hold of the fundamentals of this instrument, you can easily impress your friends, family members or significant other as you create a beautiful melody with the guitar. At The Music Works (TMW), we offer the best guitar lessons in Singapore to students who are interested in playing the soothing yet astounding classical music or the latest pop music by famous artists.

Classical Guitar Lessons

With our classical guitar lessons, you will start with the very basics and master the art of classical music by playing the guitar.

Unlike other guitars like the electric guitar, the classical guitar requires no pick.

Regardless of whether you are a child or adult, our experienced and dedicated teachers will teach students how to play the classical guitar easily just by using the tip of their fingernails. Additionally, in each and every one of our classes, our students are also equipped with different guitar techniques such as the tremolo or arpeggiation.

Learn how to produce the natural ‘acoustic’ sound with a classical guitar in our beginner workshop or course, and play the magnificent music pieces by your favourite musicians like Beethoven and Mozart.

Guitar Lessons Singapore
Guitar Lessons for Beginners Singapore

Pop Guitar Lessons

Being an avid fan of pop music, you will surely want to know how to play the instrumental parts of the song, and not just simply sing along to it. In that case, you are in for a ride because at The Music Works (TMW), we provide exactly what you need to master pop music on a guitar in Singapore.

Whether it is using an acoustic guitar or electric guitar, our comprehensive and interactive lessons are perfect for learning pop music. We teach the standard guitar chords, riffs, licks, strumming patterns, lead and rhythm improvisation to different playing styles.

Our instructors will start with a few basic songs to get you into the rhythm, and from there you will learn that any other pop song is just as easy to play to with the guitar.

Who Our Classes Are For

The Music Works (TMW) offer classes to both kids and adults as we believe that each and every one of our students, deserve the opportunity to learn, no matter the age. With our expertise, our teachers do their best to bring out the student’s music potential, even at the beginner stage. Kids from as young as the age of 4 are able to take up our courses.

On the other hand, we have workshops that are excellent for general adults, or for those who are seeking to do a team bonding activity.

We have group classes for up to 6 students, perfect for those who work better by socialising with our students, and at the same time taking in the knowledge and techniques of the instrument. On the other hand, our individual classes are excellent for students who prefer to be under an instructor’s sole supervision.

Basic Guitar Lessons Singapore

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