Music School VS Self-taught Learning, Which Is Suits You Better?
Music School VS Self-taught Learning, Which Is Suits You Better?
School of Music VS Self-taught Learning, Which Is Better? The Music Works Blog

Music School VS Self-taught Learning, Which Is Suits You Better?

Do you have a passion in the music and have experienced doubts between having to undergo formal music education or self-taught learning? If you still have these doubts, you should read a discussion about the two types of choices.
There are many background stories behind someone to choose to learn music by self-taught, ranging from limited space, time and also about cost. People who choose to study music independently by themselves usually have a high enthusiasm and passion for music. In self-taught music learning methods, feelings and instincts are usually the norm in the learning process. Most people who learn music by themselves do so by imitating a musical game and practising it repeatedly. Self-taught music learning has its advantages, one of those is related to the costs incurred. Compared to studying at a music school, learning music by yourself is indeed somewhat cheaper, where you do not need to pay more to hire instructors to rent studios and others. But on the other hand, self-taught music learning tends to take longer because there is no guidance and correction from professional instructors.

Studying Music Formally

In contrast to self-taught music learning, those who study in a music school will learn how to play music based on the curriculum. Simply put, they will learn how to play in theory and practice.
Also, they will learn deeply about how to read and write notes, learn about forming chords, how to accompany solo or group play and so much more. In general, those who attend music school will get more structured music learning, so they can learn music more effectively. But usually attending a music school will require a lot of money.

Musicians Who Study in Music Schools Better Than Self-taught?

Self-taught learning is not a wrong thing or break the rules. Even people who learn music by themselves can also have skills that are equivalent to those who study in music schools.
But knowing the theory in music is basic and necessary for a musician. Without knowing a good music theory, it is worried that the musician will play carelessly and find it difficult to collaborate with other musicians.

The Ideal Choice for How to Study Music?

If asked about the ideal choice that is recommended to be chosen in learning music, then we will recommend that you study music formally at music school. Not without reason, by studying in music school, you will get a variety of tools that can support your development in playing music, ranging from facilities, professional teachers and also practice in the form of participation in routine performances (recital) every month or year. Besides, people studying music formally will gain more experience playing solo or in groups. Although it will cost a lot, it will be comparable with the learning facilities offered and of course the results will be obtained.

Did this article help you in determining your ways to explore your musical talent? If you are still unclear, we are very glad to assist you. Contact us today here.

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