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It’s common for a beginner to be eager and curious to find out more about a certain musical instrument that picked their interest. Having been in the musical instrument retail industry for so long, our team at TMW has enough experience to provide you with some useful answers regarding the musical instruments encyclopedia. Let’s find out more about some of the common questions with answers from our experts regarding musical instruments below.

Musical Instruments FAQs

What's the easiest musical instrument to learn for beginners?

Based on many professional opinions, the Guitar is the easiest instrument to learn for a beginner due to being one of the easiest instruments to find and the price range is very affordable. Followed by the keyboard piano, then drums, and violin. If you’d like to know more about musical instruments, check this article: Guides to Choose a Musical Instrument.

How many types of musical instruments?

There are five principal types of musical instruments they are percussion, strings, keyboards (electronic), woodwind, and brass. Each of them has its unique sound and if combined creates a whole new musical atmosphere.

When to start learning to play a musical instrument?

Generally speaking, you can learn to play a musical instrument at any age, however, research has shown that the golden age of 4-7 years old is ideal to expose the music world to a child because will help to boost their growth. Want to learn more? Check out this article: Benefits of Music in Child’s Development.

Is the digital keyboard different from the digital piano?

Yes, even though they look similar and are in the same electronic musical instrument category but the digital keyboard and digital piano are totally different instruments. The main differences are usually in the number of keys; the digital piano is 88 keys, while the digital keyboard is 61-76 keys; and the weight of the keys. For detailed info, check out this article: The Differences of Digital Piano vs Keyboard.

What's the best guitar for a beginner?

For beginners, it’s best to start with an acoustic guitar, and our starter recommendation would be something comfortable to play with and at an affordable price. Genesis, Jabez, and Yamaha are some of the brands with good quality starter acoustic guitars. Read more detailed info by reading this article: Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners.

Acoustic drums or electronic drums for beginners?

Both types of drums are good for beginners but electronic drums have the advantage of silent practice meaning you won’t disturb the neighbors while drumming at home and they are portable. For a selection of recommended E-Drums, you can check this page: Electronic Drum Set.

When is the best time to change the guitar strings?

There’s no specific answer to this because it is always based on preference. However, most guitarists change the strings when the sound quality has decreased due to the frequency of use. So, this is can be your hint to change the strings. Find out more about it in this article: Signs to Change the Guitar Strings.

Can a digital keyboard be powered by batteries?

Yes, some modern portable keyboards have the advantage of an alternative power supply by using a certain number of batteries. For example: Casio CT-S1, Roland E-X20, Yamaha NP-12, and Korg EK-50. You can check out the complete list here: Battery-Powered Portable Keyboards.

Does a portable keyboard have a Bluetooth connection?

Yes, there are some models of portable keyboards and digital pianos that are equipped with seamless Bluetooth connection such as the popular Casio CT-S1 keyboard and Roland FP-30X digital piano. Although some need to attach an extra accessory such as a Bluetooth dongle.

How many keys in a portable keyboard?

61, 76, and 88 keys are the most common keys number in a portable keyboard which also comes in different velocity sensitivities and touch feel (Lighter Touch or Heavier Touch). However, there is also a keyboard that has a smaller number of keys from 25 up to 49 keys, mostly found in a keyboard for kids and music production keyboards.

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