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TMW is the authorized local dealer for the Ziko brand in Singapore providing the best musical instrument accessories; strings, tuners, capo & more; for guitar and bass. Check out the latest Ziko musical instrument accessories below.

    • ziko dp-012 acoustic guitar string set 12-53 tmw singapore

      Ziko DP-012 Acoustic Guitar Strings

      Ziko DP-012 is an acoustic guitar string extra set (6 strings) with internal wire-hexagon alloy and external wire-phosphorus bronze, lightweig

    • ziko dn-045 electric bass string set tmw singapore

      Ziko DN-045 Bass Strings

      Ziko DN-045 features two types of electric bass string sets for 4-string and 5-string bass with high carbon steel hexagon alloy core, nickel w

    • ziko dpa-70 classical guitar nylon strings tmw singapore

      Ziko DPA-70 Classical Guitar Strings

      Ziko DPA-70 classical guitar string set features six high-quality strings from E (1st) to E (6th), a high-quality clear nylon core, silver-pla

    • ziko deg-009 electric guitar strings tmw singapore

      Ziko DEG-009 Electric Guitar Strings

      Ziko DEG-009 electric guitar strings feature 6 string set with nickel wound on the external and high carbon steel on the internal, extra light

    • ziko dr series coated acoustic guitar strings tmw singapore

      Ziko DR Acoustic Guitar Strings

      Ziko DR series – DR-011 (11-50)/DR-012 (12-53) – is an acoustic guitar string extra set (6 strings) coated with pure copper and he

    • ziko dp-011 acoustic guitar string set 11-50 tmw singapore

      Ziko DP-011 Acoustic Guitar Strings

      Ziko DP-011 is an extra set of six custom light acoustic guitar strings with internal hexagon alloy wire and phosphorus bronze wire on the ext

    • ziko dp-010 acoustic guitar string set 10-48 tmw singapore

      Ziko DP-010 Acoustic Guitar Strings

      Ziko DP-010 is an extra set of six acoustic guitar strings with wire-hexagon alloy on the inside and wire-phosphorus bronze on the external, e

    • ziko dc-08 guitar capo tmw singapore

      Ziko DC-08 Guitar Capo

      A capo is an additional guitar accessory to clamp down all of the strings of the selected fretboard so it makes the play area shorter and the

    • Ziko DT-116 Guitar Digital Tuner tmw singapore

      Ziko DT-116 Guitar Tuner

      Ziko DT-116 is a small body chromatic type digital guitar tuner that easy to carry around and can be used to tune guitar, bass, violin, and uk

    • Ziko DS-23 Concert Ukulele Nylon Strings Set tmw singapore

      Ziko DS-23 Concert Ukulele Strings

      Ziko DS-23 is an excellent Ukulele strings replacement for a Concert-type Ukulele. Made of high-quality material ensuring you will get a balan

    • Ziko DS-21 Soprano Ukulele Nylon Strings Set tmw singapore

      Ziko DS-21 Soprano Ukulele Strings

      Ziko DS-21 is a perfect Ukulele nylon strings replacement for a Soprano-type Ukulele. Made of high-quality material ensuring you will get a pe


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