Classical, Contemporary, Pop & Jazz Piano Lessons for Kids and Adults

At The Music Works (TMW), you get to take lessons from certified piano teachers with credible experience as existing performers. With their conscientious efforts and years of experience, students are nurtured to become the greatest performers and acts they can be on stage.

Our piano classes allow you to master the beauty of the digital piano and equip you with soft skills like increased concentration and self-confidence to get past any challenges. Our array of lessons and workshops are catered for students of different age groups (from toddlers to adults) and skill levels.

Moreover, students get an additional helping hand in their studies by enhancing their presentation and multi-tasking skills after becoming proficient in piano.

Venture into the exciting musical world of piano and witness your very own achievements with our classes. At The Music Works (TMW), our sole aim is to educate and develop young budding musicians with our informative and insightful lessons in Singapore.


Classical Piano Lessons

Absolute Piano Starter

Designed for children 4 years and older, this basic course aims to improve your child’s knowledge of music to prepare them for future examinations.

Our one-on-one courses, using the piano or keyboard, give students the individualized attention they are looking for, whereas our group classes (up to 6 people) are best suited for each child to develop social skills while improving their piano.

Piano Lessons Singapore
Piano Lessons for Beginners

Contemporary Piano Lessons

Kinder Beat

Catering to younger children who are beginners to the piano, our Kinder Beat courses are geared towards kids that are just slightly older than toddlers. This age is possibly the best time for constant cognitive challenge and development. As such, lessons are extremely stimulating and based on effective learning, creativity and cognitive development through musical activities.

Encore Junior Series

The Encore Junior Series aims to nurture complete, well-rounded musicians through performance pieces, improvisation, aural training and music literacy.

Fun is the name of the game for this series. Children meet their instruments immediately, be it a digital piano or keyboard, and are actively involved in creating and playing music, while also developing valuable musical skills and knowledge.

Primary Series

Our Primary Piano Series is a more advanced course for older children who are looking to master piano on a whole new level. This basic course allows you to gain additional skills like reading musical scores and playing by the ear, easily with the aid of our experienced piano teachers.

Unique multi-sensory teaching strategies are implemented to accommodate the different learning styles for students.

Piano Lessons for Kids
Beginner Piano Lessons for Adults


Pop & Jazz Piano Lessons

At The Music Works (TMW), we aim to offer our piano lessons to a wide age range in Singapore. With classes for children as young as 4, we also want to make sure that adults who are beginners, get the same opportunity to master it despite their age.

Our classes involve a twist of pop and jazz to let you groove to the music as you are playing the instrument, ensuring you shine brightly on stage. Students can choose to join individual classes or opt for group classes to learn how to play the wondrous sounds of the piano.

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