Comprehensive Piano Lessons In Singapore: Suitable For Kids And Adults

Here at The Music Works (TMW), we specialize in honing the craft of music. Our piano school and piano classes in Singapore are helmed by our amiable, professional, and certified teachers with credible experience as veteran performers. Boasting long-standing teaching experience and conscientious efforts, all of our piano instructors pride themselves on being able to converse fluently in English and Chinese.

Master the beauty that is the melodic piano playing with our classes today. Whether you (or your child) are a humble beginner or a meticulously advanced piano player, we have a wide variety of piano lessons in Singapore to cater for every need possible. Students of all age groups are welcome to unleash their hidden abilities with us at TMW.

Moreover, our piano school is focused on equipping our students with relevant soft skills such as self-confidence and increased concentration to be used interchangeably in any situation to get past life’s challenges. To prepare for further developing these abilities, enhancing presentation, and improving multitasking skills, our team is ever ready to lend an additional helping hand in your studies; even after becoming proficient in piano!

Venture into the entertaining and exciting world of piano-playing and witness first-hand your very own achievements with the classes we offer. Our sole aim at TMW is to efficiently educate and diligently develop young budding musicians with our informative, thorough, and insightful piano classes in Singapore.

Piano Lessons For Kids In Singapore

Our piano classes for kids in Singapore cater to both beginners as well as advanced players. We offer various piano classes for the young here at The Music Works (TMW):

  1. Absolute Piano Starter – Classical Piano Class (Group)
  2. Individual Piano Lesson – ABRSM Syllabus
  3. Contemporary Piano Class
  4. Music and Movement – Kinder Beat

Absolute Piano Starter – Classical Piano Class (Group)

Specially designed for children aged 4 years and above following the sought-after, established ABRSM syllabus, this introductory course relies heavily on one aim: to substantially improve your child’s knowledge of music to prepare them well for future examinations.

Our group classes of up to 6 individuals will enable each child to polish their piano learning skills while building social skills at the same time – whether it be with a keyboard, acoustic upright piano, or digital piano.

Piano Lessons Singapore
Piano Lessons for Beginners

Individual Piano Lesson – ABRSM Syllabus

For students requiring individualized attention or simply preferring solo lessons, we provide one-on-one courses following the well-established ABRSM syllabus. Students who tend to focus well alone will be sure to benefit from this class.

The ABRSM exam syllabus that comes with this series follows the Practical Grade Piano exams, where students will be assessed based on pieces, aural tests, scales and arpeggios, as well as sight-reading. In the pieces syllabus, a variety of traditions and styles will be introduced to students for them to find their desired music that they would enjoy learning and performing. On the other hand, the scales and arpeggios is vital for building solid technical skills and developing expertise such as pitch and interval awareness to ultimately lead to greater confidence when performing. Sight-reading ensures students gain skills to make learning new pieces easier – whether it be learning a new piece or making music with others. Lastly, the aural awareness syllabus will include activities integrated into imaginative ways to promote a ‘musical ear’.

Contemporary Piano Class

Our contemporary piano class follows the curriculum of Encore Piano Series and Primary Piano Series. Applying the curriculum from Encore Music Education, we have the relevant experience and expertise in teaching in preschools for students below 7 years old!

Encore Piano Series

Fun is the name of the game, and our Encore Junior Series is a perfect depiction of the well-known saying. The series nurtures well-rounded musicians through music literacy, improvisation, performance pieces, and aural training.

The progressive curriculum in this series features a solid rhythmic foundation that allows students to appreciate key rhythmic units, style, and phrasing in the beginning stages of learning a new piece. Key elements include backing tracks with exceptional arrangements, songs that build musical expression, finger zips that develop skills on a micro level, flashcards to reinforce theory concepts and enhance reading skills, repertoire pieces, ensembles to develop group playing and interaction, keyboard harmony refine chord playing skills, solfa/solfege singing to build an aural library of melodic patterns, and by-ear playing which connects keyboard playing with aural perception.

Towards the end of the series, students will be able to play basic chord progressions, transpose at the piano, play in different keys – and more!

Primary Piano Series

The Primary Piano Series is a more advanced course that aims to nurture older children looking to master the piano and take it to a whole new level. We implement unique multi-sensory teaching strategies in this series to accommodate the various learning styles of students.

This series comes equipped with a curriculum that focuses on a ‘Five-Finger’ approach that allows students to learn the piano as a melodic and harmonic instrument. This system ensures that students establish a versatility that enables the hands to swap parts with ease. With an aim to build a solid harmonic and rhythmic foundation throughout the series, students will be able to make swift progress while being exposed to a broad range of styles from Jazz to Pop, and Baroque to Rock.

Key elements in the Primary Piano Series include backing tracks providing authentic aural models, finger zips to flourish keyboard skills on a micro level, rhythm taps to refine rhythm playing and reading, finger taps to develop and reinforce dexterity and key patterns, repertoire pieces, ensembles to establish part-playing skills, keyboard harmony to improve transposing and improvising, solfa/solfege singing that promotes an aural library of melodic patterns, by-ear playing which connects keyboard playing with aural perception, and flashcards to enhance and reinforce reading skills and theory concepts.

Piano Lessons for Kids
Beginner Piano Lessons for Adults

Music and Movement – Kinder Beat

Ideal for toddlers to 6-year-olds, the beginner-friendly Kinder Beat courses are uniquely crafted to stimulate innovative creativity, practical learning, and cognitive development through our musical activities.

Implementing the curriculum by Encore Music Education that fosters learning through music play experiences, this approach ensures that skills, musical understanding, and knowledge are extended with every new song learned. Extension activities, a feature of each lesson, will stretch the boundaries of music learning while promoting individual creativity. It is beneficial for children in this age range to be exposed to constant stimulating challenges to encourage growth; hence, these piano classes for kids in Singapore are designed to inspire continual development from the beginner level.

Focus activities in this course include body percussion, story-telling and mime, ensemble playing, coordinating with a range of props, musical games and improvisation, listening, reflecting and responding, rhythm, beat, pulse and metre, and more.

Piano Lessons For Adults In Singapore

Committed to our duty to offer piano lessons to a wide age range in Singapore, TMW      ensures that adults who are beginners receive an equal opportunity to master the art regardless of age and skill status. Check out the adult piano classes in Singapore we offer.

  1. Pop Piano Lessons
  2. Jazz Piano Lessons

Pop Piano Lessons

Involving a twist of pop to guarantee you shine brightly on stage as you play the instrument and groove to the music, students can choose between joining group classes or opting for individual ones to learn how to play the melodious sounds of the piano.

Students in this lesson will be exposed to a variety of techniques that will aid in their piano learning journey. Some of these techniques include the ability to play basic chords and accompaniment styles, recognize the concepts of chord-melody playing, create layerings through various accompaniment styles, appreciate concepts and effects of harmony to build a variety of musical moods – among others!

Jazz Piano Lessons

Our piano lessons for adults in Singapore come not only in the music genre pop but in jazz as well! For those interested in learning classic jazz tunes, this is the course for you. Be assured that we will do our very best to bring out the musician in you regardless of age in this advanced class.

At the end of our jazz class, be expected to gain techniques that will provide a lifetime of professional jazz piano playing, such as gaining confidence both vocally and instrumentally, understanding jazz harmony, rhythms and melodic composition, grasping jazz music theory concepts to learn better how to compose, recognising how jazz syncopation puts rhythmic stress in areas not usually found – and others.

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