Fun, Exciting, and Comprehensive Drum Lessons for Kids & Adults in Singapore

At The Music Works Drum School, we don’t only want you to know about the drums inside out, we also want to bring fun and excitement to you as the drum lesson is ongoing. Be the star of your own show as you solo drum on the stage and astonish your audience.

Anyone Can Be a Drummer at TMW Drum School

At TMW drum school, we don’t just strive to give you the best possible learning experience, but we want to make sure that many students; kids & adults; are given the chance to take up drumming in Singapore.

TMW drum lessons in Singapore are designed for both kids and adults across a broad age range. We believe that anyone has the ability to master drumming as long as they are genuinely interested, passionate, and determined.

Our basic courses are excellent for all types of learners. Regardless of whether you have some background in drumming, or are simply just a beginner to it, we offer a widespread of drum classes to ensure that anyone gets to pick up drumming without difficulty.

Drum Lessons Singapore
Drum Lessons for Adults Singapore

Top-Grade Drum Sets & Relaxing Environment

At The Music Works (TMW), we only use the latest and most high-quality drum sets in all our classes to make sure students are getting the best experience without a hitch. Our drum sets come from the globally known conglomerate in the musical instruments industry, Yamaha Corporation.

We also want to give our students the best of both worlds by providing a cozy yet productive environment. Our spacious and comfortable drum studios ensure that students don’t feel cramped up and uneasy with all the pressure of mastering something new to them. Along with our high-end drum sets and welcoming environment, we spare no effort in giving you a smooth-sailing journey when learning to hit the drums.

Comprehensive Drum Classes

Our basic drum lessons start from the very fundamentals, from reading drum scores, understanding musical terms, learning useful techniques to applying the proper posture in drumming. In each and every lesson, our drum tutors train the students slowly yet effectively to make sure they have really taken in every part of the teachings.

We are also dedicated to teaching all kinds of drum rudiments for various stylized techniques and versatility that will help you along your drumming journey. While the different skills are important, it is also crucial for students to engage in progressive exercises for footwork, stick control, and coordination.

At The Music Works (TMW), we provide exactly just the right drum workshop for everyone.

Drum Lessons for Adults Singapore
Basic Drum Lessons Singapore

Certified Experienced Drum Tutors

To make sure our students get the best experience out of our drum lessons, we have experienced and friendly drum tutors who are ready to impart their skills and knowledge.

In each one of our workshops, our professional drum tutors are committed to teaching even the freshest beginners in drumming, the standard principles, and foundations.

We only offer individual drum classes to students as we believe that giving them the sole attention is required to really master drumming. Our drum classes are for both kids and adults who are interested in taking up drumming in Singapore.

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