it's never too late to start learning to play the piano

Piano Lessons for Adults

Our piano classes for adults in Singapore are designed to develop your hidden talent in playing the instrument with the help of experienced teachers and a comprehensive curriculum.

It’s never too late to start learning to play the piano and join a lesson, especially in Singapore because age is just a number but creativity and passion know no boundary.

If you are an adult looking to find a new hobby or would like to play a love song at your children’s wedding or trying to achieve your childhood dream of becoming a pianist, then our adult beginner piano lesson is the best for you to enroll in Singapore.

Our piano teachers are experienced and understand the musical world professionally, therefore, their way of teaching will be easy to understand even for a beginner with minimal or no musical background. Best of all, you can always opt-in to our trial class for only $30 to understand what the lesson looks like and which one suits you.

Adult Piano Classes

Pop Piano Lessons (Group or 1-to-1)

Involving a twist of pop songs to guarantee you shine brightly on stage as you play the instrument and groove to the music, adult piano students can choose between joining group classes or opting for individual ones to learn how to play the melodious sounds of the piano.

Adult students in this lesson will be exposed to a variety of techniques that will aid in their piano learning journey in pop songs. Some of these techniques include the ability to play basic chords and accompaniment styles, recognize the concepts of chord-melody playing, create layerings through various accompaniment styles, and appreciate concepts and effects of harmony to build a variety of musical moods – among others!

This class is the best choice if you are looking to play the piano for leisure or would like to play your children’s favorite song. The students will be using high-quality digital keyboards or digital pianos as their learning instruments.

adult group pop piano lessons in singapore
praise and worship keyboard piano lessons in singapore

Praise and Worship Keyboard Piano Lessons (Group or 1-to-1)

Learning to play praise and worship music on a keyboard piano is one of the ideal ways to devote your faith to God. The melodies, harmonies, and praise and worship rhythms will delight your heart because of the same beat as His. Therefore, not only it needs to be catchy and easily remembered by everyone but also can express your devotion through your play.

In this Keyboard Piano lesson, learn to play compelling accompaniment patterns in praise and worship setting including the foundation of piano/keyboard playing, Worship piano chords and their application, harmonization & patterns, Praise music chords progressions, a repertoire using the styles feature, and many more that will help you play the worship music with delight.

This class is the best choice for everyone who is eager to pick up the keyboard and play praise music for devotional motivation.

Jazz Piano Lessons (1-to-1)

For beginners who are interested in learning traditional jazz tunes, this is the course for you. Be assured that our piano teachers will do their very best to bring out the musician in you regardless of your musical background level.

At the end of our jazz piano class for adults, be expected to gain techniques that will provide a lifetime of professional jazz piano playing, such as gaining confidence both vocally and instrumentally, understanding jazz harmony, rhythms, and melodic composition, grasping jazz music theory concepts to learn better how to compose, recognizing how jazz syncopation puts rhythmic stress in areas not usually found – and others.

This class is the best choice if you are aiming to be a professional pianist that able to play any kind of music genre. A digital or acoustic piano will be provided in class for the student.

adult jazz piano lessons in singapore

TMW Piano School Address

The Music Works @ Chai Chee

Music School & Showroom

  • 750 Chai Chee Road, #01-13A ESR BizPark @Chai Chee (Formerly Viva Business Park), Singapore 469 000
  • Operating Hours: 12 pm to 8 pm (Monday to Sunday)
  • Public Holiday: Closed (By appointment only)
  • Phone: +65 6909 3618
  • Email:

“Music is not to hear,
It is to feel”

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It’s never too late to start now! Our piano teachers have prepared a set of lessons curriculum to nurture and unleash your hidden talent as a pianist in a friendly environment. Our classrooms are equipped with top-notch acoustic pianos, digital pianos, and digital keyboards that can help you get used to the instrument a lot easier. The one-time free trial class (30 minutes) for only $25 is also available for you to opt-in, you just need to fill in the form below and our team will get back to you soon.25

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