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An amplifier is an electronic device that is capable of transforming electronic signals from the musical instrument into audio waves and delivering them as an enhanced sound. TMW offers the best instrument amps in Singapore at affordable prices.

    • Roland KC-220 keyboard amplifier tmw singapore

      Roland KC-220 Keyboard Amplifier

      Roland KC-220 keyboard amplifier features twin 6.5″ 30W woofers and tweeters with 30W power, 3-channel mixing, XLR Mic Input, Battery-po

    • Roland KC-80 Keyboard Amplifier TMW Singapore

      Roland KC-80 Keyboard Amplifier

      Roland KC-80 keyboard amp features a 10-inch woofer with 50-watt power, a Horn Tweeter, a 3-channel system, XLR Mic Input, Stereo Link, and fu

    • ampeg rb-110 bass combo amp tmw singapore

      Ampeg RB-110 Bass Combo Amp

      Ampeg RB-110 features a 50-watt 10-inch speaker, SGT (Super Grit Technology), 3-band EQ, Rocket Bass Legacy preamp, and Headphones input. Ampe

    • Hartke HyDrive HD115 Bass Cabinet

      Hartke HyDrive HD115 features 500-watt power, a 15-inch two-piece composite cone speaker, a double-roll curvilinear surround, and smooth mids.

    • Hartke LH500 Bass Head Amp

      Hartke LH500 bass head features 500-watt power, metal chassis, 12AX7 Class-A tube preamp, Robust design, portable, Bright Switch, and Limiter.

    • ampeg rb-108 bass combo amp singapore tmw

      Ampeg RB-108 Bass Combo Amp

      Ampeg RB-108 is a robust 8-inch and 30-watt bass combo amp perfect for on-the-road and stage performer bassists. Product Includes Ampeg RB-108

    • ampeg rb-115 bass combo amp singapore tmw

      Ampeg RB-115 Bass Combo Amp

      Ampeg RB-115 is a stage-ready bass combo amp with a 200-watt speaker power and punchy tones. Product Includes Ampeg RB-115 Bass Combo Amp 1-ye

    • Ampeg RB-210 Bass Combo Amp

      Ampeg RB-210 bass combo amp is the perfect companion for every gigging bassist of any genre to generate high-quality sounds in every performan

    • Hartke LH1000 Bass Head Amp

      Hartke LH1000 is a 1000-watt bass head amp featuring a classic 12AX7 Class-A tube front-end design with a solid-state output. Product Includes

    • hartke hd500 bass combo amp singapore tmw

      Hartke HD500 Bass Combo Amp

      Hartke HD500 is a 500-watt Class D amplifier with 2×10″ HyDrive speakers, lightweight & rugged design, perfect for traveling ba

    • hartke hd25 bass combo amp singapore

      Hartke HD25 Bass Combo Amp

      Hartke HD25 is a portable & punchy bass combo amp with an 8″ HyDrive Paper speaker and only requires 25-watt of usage. Product Inclu


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