Buying Snare Drum? Follow These Essential Tips
Buying Snare Drum? Follow These Essential Tips
Buying Snare Drum? Follow These Essential Tips.

Buying Snare Drum? Follow These Essential Tips

What is the most vital part of a drumset? Most drummers will certainly answer the snare. Well, it is indeed a very appropriate thing to say snare is a very vital part of a drum instrument. Snare drum is the soul of the drum itself. Snare drum is the part that is used to regulate beats when playing drums. In a snare drum, there is an important element called a snare wire or also called a stainer. This snare wire or stainer has a function to produce a loud sound when the top is hit. Snare wire made of flat steel cables or plastic sympathetic. We will share a few tips and how to choose a good snare drum for your drumset.

Have Lugs Above 6 Pieces

The number of lugs in a snare drum can also be used as a parameter of a snare drum. Usually a good snare drum will have an ideal number of lugs above 6 pieces to simplify the process of tuning it.

Choose according to your needs

Choose a snare drum that suits your needs. Buying any musical instrument including a snare drum is a big sin if you don’t try it first. This needs to be done to determine the character and quality of the sound produced. Besides, the number of snare wires can be a parameter in choosing the type of snare drum you want. Snare drum with a large amount of snare wire usually has a more sensitive sound. But this does not mean that the number of snare wire indicates the quality of the snare drum. A large or small number of snare wires themselves are usually based on the sound requirements to be produced.

You Get What You Pay For

If you want a snare drum with good quality, it’s no secret that you also have to spend a little bit more. Because, usually the price of a snare drum represents the quality of the snare drum. The better the quality of the snare drum, the higher the price. Vice versa, the more slanted the price of snare drum, the lower the quality.

Ask the Expert

Ask for help from someone expert. If you still feel confused and do not understand how to choose a good snare drum, you should ask for help from someone more expert like a professional musician or drummer. You can ask for advice from your friends or acquaintances who are quite familiar with this instrument (drummer or musician). Other options, you can also ask for advice on sharing with the drummer community.

In the end, choosing the right snare drum is about finding the one that works for you; It has to be comfortable to play and to hear. So though you now know more about how your music instrument built and what materials go into them, let your fingers and ears guide you to the right decision.
After reading this guide, if you’re still not sure what snare drum is right for you, we invite you to visit our shop or contact us.

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