Moeller Method: 3 Key Benefits For Aspiring Drummers
Moeller Method: 3 Key Benefits For Aspiring Drummers
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Moeller Method: 3 Key Benefits For Aspiring Drummers

Going for basic drum lessons does teach you loads about playing the drum, and it’ll definitely make it easier for you to learn all the advanced songs over time.

However, your lessons aren’t going to be enough if you’re planning to be a professional drummer – you’re going to need a lot of practice and determination.

That said, one way to take drumming to the next level is by mastering the Moeller method. You could watch video clips online or bring this up to your music instructor the next time you attend his or her class.

But, how about we lend a helping hand and give you a head start?

What is the Moeller method?

Known as a percussive stroke technique that puts together a variety of methods with the objective of improving hand power, speed, and control while grasping the flexibility to throw in accented notes at one’s pleasure.

Basically, the skill is all about your drumsticks. Every bounce you make with your drumstick is further enhanced once you know how the Moeller method works.

But before you jump into the Moeller technique; work on your stick grip first. You’ve got to have a proper stick grip for you to put this technique to good use.

At the same time, you’re going to have to find the fulcrum point of your drumstick. That way, mastering the Moeller method will be as easy as pie.

Advantages of the Moeller method

1. Improves your drumstick speed

Has developing sufficient speed and control over your drumsticks always been a problem for you?

Well, worry no more – the Moeller method is the way to go!

It’s probably the best benefit you will witness from this technique. You’ll learn about the level of strokes you get from a single hit – once you’ve managed to master it completely.

Soon, 2, 4, 6, or (even) more strokes for each hit of the drum will be easy to do. With the ability to multiply the number of strokes compared to your basic drum roll – it’ll be no sweat for you to master tough pieces like Tom Sawyer by Rush.

Once it’s time to learn about drum rudiments during your drum lessons – you’ll notice you would have mastered the three vital skills needed by a professional drummer; control, power, and speed.

Cheers to a smooth-sailing learning process, indeed!

2. Gain better control over your drumsticks

Struggling to control one’s drumsticks has always been a challenge for all beginners – after all, it is considered to be one of the biggest obstacles of them all when leaning the drum set.

Especially if you want to avoid any injury – you’re going to need this sill. First and foremost, use your wrists, not your arms. And that takes practice too.

You have to remember that your wrists aren’t muscular at all; they’re pretty fragile, in fact. When you keep your wrist stiff as you’re flexing your bicep and forearm to hit the drum head – you’re bound to hurt your wrist.

Using the Moeller method helps you to get a firm hold of the drumsticks when playing. This way, you can play with ease, and without having to worry about your control.

It helps you to find the pivot drumstick much more quickly; which is absolutely necessary if you want to be a master at the drums.

3. Get a boost of power with your drumsticks

The Moeller method helps you learn how to hold your drumsticks in a proper manner.

Besides, you gain the ability to throw a couple of incredible hits on the drum set! Once again, the emphasis on using your wrist matters.

This method will help you achieve the most potent hit on your drums without using too much effort. It’s an excellent way to increase your dynamics at the same time too!

Take the Full Stroke technique, for instance. You start with your stick vertically then you strike the drum head with loads of power with a whipping motion (as if you’re cracking a whip). Now, practice makes perfect – so keep working on this technique by using both right and left hands to work on straight quarter notes with a practice pad.

And there you have it, you’ve got the hang of one of the Moeller methods; all that’s left are the remaining ones!

Whether you’re a little kid who has been charmed by a mesmerizing drummer or you’re an adult who wants to work their way back to childhood with drumming – go ahead and pick up this musical instrument! Drum lessons for adults and kids are both available, so give it a go and learn something new.

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