Why Drum Covers Helps To Polish Up Your Drumming Skills
Why Drum Covers Helps To Polish Up Your Drumming Skills
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Why Drum Covers Helps To Polish Up Your Drumming Skills

Attending drum classes for beginners is your first step to mastering the art of drumming – but that’s not going to be enough if you really want to be a professional.

Your drum instructor may have taught you plenty – but you’re going to need to do a little practice on your own still. For starters, there are many ways for you to improve your drumming skills; via books, DVDs, or online video clips. But this time, our focus is going to lean towards the last point – videos on the net, or specifically – drum covers.

Indeed, drum covers can improve your play to exceptional levels when you use them in the right manner. They should be part of your educational tool kit, as they are beneficial and, can help you improve your play in the following ways:

Fun learning experience

If watching someone else munch on food on a live broadcast (aka Mukbang) can get millions of people in the world excited – what about an enthusiastic individual who’s killing it at the drums?

It’s pretty much the same concept, really.

When you see someone savouring a delicious meal or playing the drums to one’s heart content, in this case, you can feel the energy, and you’ll want to do the same too. Just try watching a drum cover, and pick one of your favourite songs.

It’s a whole lot of fun to see someone play out the entire piece with just drums or do a fantastic job on the solo part. Naturally, you’d want to have a go at it as well. Besides, you’re killing two birds with one stone; improving on your drumming skills and having lots of fun.

Make it more interesting and try recording each time you play too. Seeing your videos of how you are playing gives you direct feedback on your skills, and whether you’re matching up to the original cover.

Get exposure and reach out

Watching is one thing, but doing a drum cover and uploading them is another way of putting yourself out there – especially if you want to be more recognised in the future.

A recorded drum cover gives you exposure to the world and your audience, to be more precise. Most prominent drummers gained their exposure through this exact means. Recording your drum covers and sharing them, be it on social media or website, gives you a portfolio to show for your work.

For instance, when you share your videos and a band opportunity shows, you may have higher chances of getting a position to play.

Makes you pay attention to what you are doing

You need to be an astute observer and develop a keen ear as you’re attempting to master a drum cover.

Whether it’s spotting a certain part where the drummer could have improved on or you trying to master the entire set-piece – you are sure to be more attentive.

Moments into the video, you’ll probably realise that you were doing this part or wrong or there was another way of holding your pick. All these small things matter, and you’ll slowly start to notice them.

Besides, when you finally decide to cover the song – you are not only getting more publicity for yourself – but you’re also getting the opportunity to improve. Try to read the feedback or comments – though some may be a little harsh – others may point up certain areas which you can work on or even give you advice.

Learning from fellow drummers on platforms such as Youtube or picking up tips from other users will help plenty in polishing up your drumming skills.

Nurtures discipline

To master the cover entirely – you’re going to need tons of practice; especially if it’s a brand new song you’ve decided to pick up.

It may take several days, weeks, or even months – depending on the difficulty of the song and how fast you’re able to learn the piece. If you’re struggling with the piece for quite a bit, you could always attend a drum workshop to acquire a few learning points or get some advice from a professional!

Attempting to do a drum cover will teach you discipline and patience – you’ll keep trying to get the hang of it and eventually be practising every single day if you’re extremely determined.

Especially if you want to upload it online, you’ll want to ace every single part of the song – so, that’s where all the practice comes in. You will also learn to be patient in what you do until the end.

Great things take time and, so do perfectly choreographed drum covers!

So, what’s it going to be? Do you plan to be a viewer or the drummer? Either way, it’s certain that you’ll be reaping the benefits no matter the path you choose!

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