top 5 digital pianos for beginners in singapore

Top 5 Best Digital Pianos for Beginners in August 2022 (Updated)

It’s 2022 already and you are still struggling in choosing the perfect digital piano because you are still a beginner? Rest assured, there’s always a first time for everyone and of course, you can be a professional pianist with the help of a perfect instrument at home to accelerate the learning process.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive one or one that has a gazillion features because there are many factors to be considered in choosing an electric piano for beginners and one of the most important for us Singaporean is the space requirement. Therefore, a digital piano is the best choice where you will get the authentic acoustic piano playing experience in a compact body and budget-friendly.

There are plenty of renowned electric piano brands in Singapore such as Casio, Yamaha, Roland, and Korg but as a beginner, this makes it even harder for you to choose one. Don’t worry, we got your back because being in the electric piano industry for more than 10 years, our team at TMW has the knowledge and experience to share the perfect model for beginners based on budget-wise, playability, features, design, and many more. Let’s check out the complete list below.

Note: If you are wondering what’s the difference between a digital piano and a keyboard, please check out this page for detailed info: Digital Piano vs Keyboard

5 Recommended Electric Pianos in August 2022

1. Casio PX-S1100 Digital Piano (S$1199)

Following the success of its predecessor – PX-S1000 – Casio has launched the upgraded and latest model of the PX-S Series in September 2021, the PX-S1100.

It comes with many enhanced features starting from an advanced Casio AiR sound engine system including 18 high-quality preset tones to a refined 88-key Smart Scaled Hammer Action keyboard for a better playing experience, and an evolved seamless connectivity via Bluetooth for an easy connection to any smart device, also a twin high-quality speaker system.

Another noteworthy feature is the PX-S1100 comes in 3 colors (black, white & red), and has its own wooden stand which makes it an elegant-looking electric piano to have at home.

Budget-wise, the PX-S1100 is at an affordable price range starting from S$1150 considering you will get many bundled items such as Gig Bag, Dust Cover, Bluetooth Dongle, and many more.

2. Roland FP-30X Digital Piano (S$1099)

Roland has been worldly known as one of the best digital piano manufacturers with a long line of amazing models for over 2 decades, now they are back to populate the entry-level digital piano with the FP-30X.

The FP-30X was launched in early 2021 and it becomes a major hit in the Singapore market which makes the manufacturer have to double its production quota to answer the market’s demand, which until now it is still one of the top-selling entry-level electric pianos in Singapore.

The FP-30X is the upgraded version of its predecessor – the FP-10 – and comes with its own wooden stand for a better playing experience and additional elegant looks. In the sound generator department, the FP-30X is equipped with Roland’s signature SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine supported by 56 built-in tones, 256 max polyphonies, and an 88-key PHA-4; with escapement and ivory feel standard keyboard; to produce premium acoustic piano sounds and feel. A pair of 12cm premium speakers are installed to deliver the sounds perfectly to the audience or if you prefer a silent practice, you can always switch to the headphone mode.

The FP-30X comes in black and white colors also Bluetooth connectivity to connect with any smart devices and help your practice session paired with Roland’s Piano Every Day and Piano Designer apps.

Budget-wise, FP-30X is one of Roland’s most affordable and best value electric pianos with only S$1050. Definitely, a worthy one to have for a beginner musician that won’t hurt your bank account.

3. Korg B2 Digital Piano (S$770)

Korg B2 was released in July 2019, even though there has been 2 years gap but due to the high demand and increase in popularity, this particular model is still one of the favorite digital pianos for beginners in Singapore.

Korg B2 features an incredible 88-key Natural-Weighted Hammed-Action keyboard which means you will feel the difference in weight and velocity between the lower registry notes and the upper register, much like what you will feel on a grand piano. B2 is equipped with Korg’s new type of sound engine – the PCM Stereo – including 12 selected preset tones (German, Italy, Electric Pianos & Organ sounds) and 120 maximum polyphonies which is more than enough to play any song from any genre.

B2 is also bundled with many software and application to help you during practice or music production sessions. You will get “Skoove” for the piano learning process, then “Korg Module” to customize the piano sound “Korg Gadge 2 Le” for music production with a built-in sound module.

Budget-wise, just a bit higher than CDP-S110, Korg B2’s price is starting from S$765, an affordable price for an electric piano with so many features to offer.

4. Casio CDP-S110 Digital Piano (S$699)

Casio has risen as one of the forefronts in the compact digital piano series for over a decade with so many models in this particular category. Now, they are back with the latest model, CDP-S110, the CDP stands for Compact Digital Piano.

In terms of features, CDP-S110 has it all to support your learning process to become a pro pianist from an 88-key Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard type which replicates the feel of an acoustic piano to high-quality onboard speakers, and 10 preset tones. Not to mention it comes in 2 colors (black and white) and a sleek & compact design (only 232mm in depth).

Budget-wise, probably you will not find any other electric pianos with a complete feature like CDP-S110 at a really affordable price for only S$699.

5. Roland GO:PIANO88 Electric Piano (S$549)

Another Roland digital piano product that has risen in popularity amongst beginners musician in the past few months due to its features, compactness, and budget-wise is the Roland GO:PIANO88.

The 88 keys equipped in the GO:PIANO88 have 3 types of velocity sensitivity making it an ideal entry-level electric piano for beginners. It only has 4 tones in total which are considered essential instrument sounds they are acoustic piano, electric piano, organ, and strings sounds.

With the high-quality built-in speakers, you can start playing the piano right away. Not to mention that it is capable to be powered with only a 6x AA-type of battery with approximately 20 hours of playing time.

Like any other modern digital pianos, Roland GO:PIANO88 is also equipped with a Bluetooth feature that can seamlessly connect to your smart device to help with your learning session or just stream your favorite music.

Budget-wise, with the starting price of S$549 you are getting great value deals on a digital piano purchase.

Bonus: Yamaha NP-32 76-key Digital Keyboard (S$540)

The last on the list but the cheapest in the Singapore market is Yamaha NP-32 (black & white models) – but makes no mistake it’s really in high demand and often found in out-of-stock situations at online and offline music stores.

Yamaha NP-32 falls into the digital keyboard category due to its 76 keynotes but can also be considered an entry-level electric piano. Packed with high-quality features such as a graded soft-touch piano-style keyboard, 10 essential tones (including acoustic piano, electric piano, organs, strings, and many more), an excellent pair of twin speakers ensures that your sound will be delivered perfectly, battery-powered and a lightweight design only 5.7kg. These essential features will be very helpful for every beginner to start their journey to become a pianist.

Budget-wise, with only S$540 you are definitely getting a great value deal.

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Whatever the digital piano of your choice don’t forget to have a practice routine and never give up because it takes time to develop the piano skill but we believe you will be able to achieve it. Hopefully, the list will help you out nicely, and don’t hesitate to call us or submit your inquiry to the form below if you require an assistant in choosing an electric piano for you.

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