The Search For A Drum Set: 7 Simple Tips To Keep In Mind
The Search For A Drum Set: 7 Simple Tips To Keep In Mind
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The Search For A Drum Set: 7 Simple Tips To Keep In Mind

Several aspects set an excellent drum set apart from a poorer quality drum set. Finding the right kit should not be hard – so long as you get a hold of the tips for finding the perfect drum set.

A professional drummer doesn’t only ace their drum lessons – but they’ll also need the right tools (aka drum set) to create sensational music.

That said, what must you do to ensure you have the right drum set by your side? Let us show you how!

Consider the quality

Quality should be your number one goal when looking for the perfect drum kit.

The best items will always cost more but, in the end, are worthwhile. Spending less on a generic set may not be as long-lasting as a much higher quality drum set.

Besides, the better the quality –  the lower the chance of spending on maintenance costs.

Decide whether to buy the kit as a whole or separately

This is mostly dependent on your preferences and choices as an individual. You have the option to buy all the parts together as one or buy them individually.

Of course, buying them as a whole might get you a better deal than the former. The aim is not just to get quality but also save some extra coins.

The age of the drummer

This is imperative to making a sound decision when purchasing the drum kit. The needs of a teenager and a grown-up man, for instance, differ.

A toddler may be more fond of choosing colourful drum sets instead of dull ones. While a grown-up may want to try out various kinds of sounds and purchase a range of cymbals to work around different music styles.

At this point, it’s really about a different mindset and differing priorities.

The younger ones may just need to get an all-inclusive package since they’ve only just started with the drum lessons for kids. Ensuring they polish the basics first is optimal for them to move onto the next step.

The materials

What type of materials do you want your drum kit to have? Or more specifically – the type of wood you are looking for?

Well, you need to ask yourself this fundamental question before deciding on the variant to buy. The construction of a drum will affect the sound and durability.

Some prefer birch wood because of its high density and toughness – producing a brighter and harder sound. Whereas others may go with the generic pick; the maple wood – which produces a warm, balanced tone.

Every single choice you make plays a huge part in the outcome of the overall sounds of your drum set. Make sure you think through carefully before you start making your final selection.


The finishing, better known as design or appearance, may be the most crucial factor among the rest – it really depends on one’s priority, as said earlier.

How does the drum look like? Is it attractive and comfortable to play on? What kind of style are you looking for? Do you want to be a rock drummer? Metal drummer? Or a fusion drummer?

The final answer lies with you, so you need to know what kind of drummer you are going to be in the future in order to make the right decision.

The drum throne

It may be overlooked most of the times – but when it comes to comfortability, this pops straight back into one’s mind again.

Just imagine if you were to play on a big stage and the metallic stool only brings about immense uneasiness. That would only hinder your actual playing ability and prevent you from playing a good piece.

When you’re feeling comfortable – it’s when you are able to draw out your maximum potential.


Even if quality matters – the price is still relevant.

Different brands tend to have varying prices, so you need to browse carefully and do the necessary research to ensure you get your money’s worth.

You could even consider getting second-hand or used drums over brand new ones. Especially if you’ve just planned to join drum lessons for beginners – it’s much worthwhile to purchase a used drum set to see which style suits you best.

Hopefully, you’ve managed to take down all these tips – now, all that’s left to do is apply them and get out there to find the perfect drum set!

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