Speed Up your Piano Learning With These Tips!
Speed Up your Piano Learning With These Tips!
Speed Up your Piano Learning With These Techniques Tips!

Speed Up your Piano Learning With These Tips!

Want to play the piano but don’t understand anything about music? Self-taught learning but a lot of difficulties? That means you need quick piano learning techniques to help master this one instrument. Here are some piano learning tips that can help you learn the piano faster.

Five Piano Practice Tips for Beginners

Choosing a Proper Piano

Obviously, you need to have a piano or at least a keyboard to learn to play the piano but should you buy an expensive one? Not necessary, beginners often find it comfortable learning to play the piano using a digital piano. It has a pretty similar characteristic to an actual Piano such as 88-key hammer response, acoustic piano sound and sometimes you can find the design pretty much the same as a grand piano but at much cheaper. Here’s a recommended digital piano that was recently launched by Casio, Privia PX-S1100 for your reference.

Learn the Basics of Playing Piano

When you are interested in learning something, surely you want to master it quickly. In reality, patience is the main factor to master it. Studying music is different from studying science in school. To get started, you must recognize patterns in piano keys, notes, chords, and so on.

Practice Fingering Techniques

Then, use the technique of playing the two-handed piano while copying scores. First, play slowly so you can memorize the notes. If you are not familiar, practice first with one hand and then continue with both hands.
Because the synchronization of both hands is essential to success playing the piano. Continue to practice so that your hands become more flexible to play the piano.

Body Position

Body position can also affect your flexibility when learning pianos:

  • Sitting Position
    There are several examples of sitting positions for piano players, first sitting up straight, some bending slightly, and some moving slightly away from the piano. Whatever the position, try to keep your sitting position comfortable so it is not easy to ache or sore when playing the piano.
  • Hand Position
    Hand position can also be interpreted as a fingering technique. From the emphasis of piano keys can produce loud and soft sounds. The fingers are above the keys try to be comfortable but not weak or weak.
    The hand is also not too tight or tenuous because it can make it difficult for the fingers when they want to play the keyboard (finger practice)
  • Arm Position
    The position of the arms apparently can unwittingly affect the sound issued by the piano. Not only that, but it can also slow down the hand when pressing keys.
    So, try not to play too much role in playing the piano because to play it requires flexibility of fingers.

Online or Offline Courses

At modern days. everything has been greatly facilitated. You want to learn to play any music, there are facilities and media to teach you more about the music. One of them is by registering a piano course. Piano courses currently provide a modern service, which is online using the internet. Or you can directly enter the course by visiting it. At the course, you can get deeper knowledge from playing the piano. Choose a piano course with a good reputation and also credibility.  Specifically choose a piano course that is suitable for your needs so that you better understand your style of playing the piano.

You can also use the internet to find self-taught piano learning material. Either from articles or videos. Don’t forget, choose a simple song to learn first. Choosing easy songs will make you faster to master of playing the piano. Other than that. practice routinely is to be one key to your success for mastering the piano. Whatever piano learning technique you apply. The key to success in learning this piano is intense and patient practice.

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