Zoom G6 Guitar Effect


G6 is the all-new powerful guitar multi-effects processor from Zoom with an expressive pedal & six versatile stomp switches, trusted by the professionals such as Chris Payton and Ricardo Ramos.

Product Includes

  • Zoom G6 guitar effect
  • AC Adapter
  • Steinberg Cubase LE Software
  • 1-year Local Warranty
  • Free Delivery in Singapore

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zoom g6 introduction

Zoom G6 – More Stomp Switches for More Action and Creativity

When you feel 4 stomp switches are just not enough to express your style on stage, the all-new Zoom G6 presents you with 6 stomp switches with custom-crafted amp models and a 30-year worth of high-quality digital effects & patches. Zoom G6 lets you chain up to 9 effects along with amplifier emulation to give you a new and personalized DSP. The navigational system is also getting an upgrade fon Zoom G6 with its 4.3-inch touchscreen display you can easily navigate, customize or even chain one effect to another in a breeze. The iconic Zoom’s expressive pedal is back with an upgrade on this model not only it can give you real-time manipulation of your effects and output but also easy configuration for expression/volume features. Not to mention it’s only weighed 1.9kg which can be easily put in a backpack and play it on any stage. Some of the renowned professional guitarists that have been associated with Zoom G6 are Chris Payton (Robin Thickie, Nick Jonas, and Katy Perry guitarist) and Devon Eisenbarger (Katy Perry, Zayn, Chainsmokers, and Ceelo guitarist).

zoom g6 pedal

Zoom G6 Features

  • 6 stomp switches with 6 custom-crafted amp models and expressive pedal.
  • Built-in 30 years’ worth of high-quality Zoom effects: drives, modulation, delays, reverbs, and more.
  • Able to chain up to 9 effects or 7 effects + amp emulation.
  • Easy navigation and effect customization with a 4.3-inch display color touchscreen.
  • Up to 2 hours looper feature with an additional SD card, 45-second with internal memory.
  • Equipped with USB audio interface (2-in / 2-out) for a direct recording to a computer.
  • 68 rhythm patterns
  • Zoom Guitar Lab enabled to download additional effects & patches.

zoom g6 features

Zoom G6 Specifications

A/D CONVERSION 24-bit 128x oversampling
D/A CONVERSION 24-bit 128x oversampling
FREQUENCY CHARACTERISTICS 20 Hz – 20kHz (+0.5 db/-0.5 dB) (10Ωk load)
INPUT Standard mono phone jack
Rated input level: -20 dBu
Input impedance (line): 500 Ωk
RETURN Standard mono phone jack
Rated input level: -20 dBu
Input impedance (line): 1 ΩM
AUX IN Stereo mini jack
Rated input level: -10 dBu
Input impedance (line): 10 Ωk
OUTPUT R Standard mono phone jack
Maximum output level: +11.4 dBu (when output impedance 10 Ωk or higher)
OUTPUT L/MONO (PHONES) Standard stereo phone jack
Maximum output level: +11.4 dBu (when output impedance 10 Ωk or higher)
Headphones 24 mW + 24 mW (at 32 load)
SEND Standard stereo phone jack
Maximum output level: +11.4 dBu (when output impedance 10 Ωk or higher)
INPUT S/N 123 dB
L/R -99.3 dBu
SEND -99.0 dBu
POWER AC adapter ( 9v DC 500mA, center negative) (Zoom AD-16)
USB Port: USB 2.0 Micro-B/Supported cable type: Micro-B
Guitar Lab: USB 1.1 Full Speed
Audio Interface: USB 2.0 Full Speed, 44.1 kHz/32-bit, 2 in, 2 out
– Use a USB cable that supports data transfer. USB bus power is not supported
STANDARDS Cards that support SD/SDXC/SDHC specifications (class 10 or higher)
LOOPER 44.1 kHz/ 16-bit stereo WAV
IR 44.1 – 192kHz, 16/24/32-bit WAV
REMOTE ZOOM BTA-1 or other dedicated wireless adapters
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS 228 mm (D) x 418 mm (W) x 65 mm (H)
WEIGHT 1.94 kg

Zoom G6 Manuals Download

Please download from the links below for any PDF related to Zoom G6.


Are you an authorized dealer?
Yes, we are ISO Certified and an authorized dealer for Casio, Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Martin, Zoom, Hartke, and Mackie musical instruments.


Is free delivery included?
Yes, free delivery and assembly are included for every purchase of over 500 SGD on all musical instruments including Digital Piano, Keyboards, Guitars, Electronic Drums.


Is a warranty included?
Yes, all of the products sold on our online store include a 1-year official warranty.


Are the accessories included?
Some of the musical instruments are bundled with certain accessories while others are not but we provide a Purchase With Purchase (PWP) bundle with great deals.


Do you provide an installment payment plan?
Yes, we provide an installment in our Lazada and Shopee E-Commerce Listings, feel free to check it out there.


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Of course, we are encouraging every customer to get the actual feeling by testing the desired musical instruments at our stores at Tai Seng and Chai Chee.


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Yes, all of our staff at Tai Seng, Chai Chee, and Online Stores are knowledgeable and able to give you the best suggestion based on many factors.


Can I check any testimonials from recent customers?
Absolutely, please check out our Testimonials page or you can visit our Google My Business (Google Maps) listing for other reviews HERE.



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