Ziko DR Acoustic Guitar Strings


Ziko DR series – DR-011 (11-50)/DR-012 (12-53) – is an acoustic guitar string extra set (6 strings) coated with pure copper and hexangular steel in the core, lightweight, rust prevention, up to 5 times durability, and produces a great tonal frequency.

Strings configurations:

  • DR-011: E (0.28mm), B (0.38mm), G (0.61mm), D (0.81mm), A (1.07mm), E (1.27mm) and 980mm in length.
  • DR-012: E (0.30mm), B (0.41mm), G (0.61mm), D (0.81mm), A (1.07mm), E (1.34mm) and 980mm in length.

Product Includes

  • Ziko DR-011 or DR-012 (6 Strings)
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Strings Option

DR-011, DR-012


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