Yamaha DS550U Drum Stool


Yamaha DS550U is a single-brace highly durable and comfortable drum throne with a round shape 2″ padded cushion made of high-quality materials ensuring your safety while sitting on top of it and playing the drums. With the adjustable height feature, you can easily adjust the height based on your preference to make your sitting as comfy as possible. A perfect pair for any type of drum (electric or acoustic drum).

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  • Yamaha DS550U Drum Stool

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Why a Drum Stool is also Called a Drum Throne?

The term “drum throne” has been worldly known ever since the year 1942 when Ludwig firm – a drum maker – introduced their drum set including the manual book called Swing Drumming by William F. Ludwig Jr which indicated a Drummer is the King of the band that deserves a Throne.






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