Yamaha TRB1006J Electric Bass Guitar


Yamaha TRB1006J is the 6-string version of the monster bass, TRB series. TRB was born as a versatile 6-string bass guitar along with the greater involvement of synthesizers in music in the end of the 1980s. TRB has been developed to cover the low tonal range with a 6th string (low B), which could not be reached by orthodox 4-string bass, and also the 1st (high C) makes it possible for advanced players to further improvisation and expression.

Yamaha TRB1006J Features

  • 6 strings
  • Maple / Mahogany 5 Ply Neck
  • Super Long Scale (35″)
  • 3 Band Active EQ

Product Includes

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  • 1-year Local Warranty – LEARN MORE

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