Korg PA5X Arranger Workstation Keyboard


Korg PA5X features an EDS-XP engine, 61-76-88 keyboards, 2200 sounds, 160 polyphony, 600 styles, sequencer mode, Mic-Guitar inputs, USB ports. If you are a professional songwriter, producer, or performer who is looking for an arranger keyboard that could have all of the advanced features in one device, Korg PA5X is your best partner.


  • Korg PA5X-61 only $4472
  • Korg PA5X-76 only $4632
  • Korg PA5X-61 only $5092

Product Includes

  • Korg PA5X Arranger Workstation Keyboard (61/76/88 keys)
  • AC Power Cord
  • Music Rest
  • 1-year Local Warranty – LEARN MORE
  • Free Delivery in Singapore (Lift Landing Floor Only)
  • No Assembly Assistance
  • Additional $150 Charge for Taking it Upstairs (Choose the Add On Deals)

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korg pa5x arranger workstation keyboard

Korg PA5X – Professional-Level Arranger Workstation Keyboard

For a professional in the music industry, sometimes producing a piece of music or song is quite a hassle due to the many instruments or customized sounds that need to be added. What if you can have them all in one keyboard plus an advanced workstation for you to work with? Korg PA5X, the latest and flagship model of Korg’s PA (Professional Arranger) series, is here to accommodate all you need for a premium experience on music production on a single arranger workstation keyboard.

Korg PA5X is possibly the most powerful arranger keyboard ever produced by Korg and it is a next-level model from the acclaimed PA4X and PA3X models which were relied on by many musical industry professionals around the world (we believed they are still relied on because the demands are still quite high for the previous two models).

Korg PA5X comes in three models; 61, 76, and 88 keys; and the main difference lies in the keyboard touch action. If you are more familiar with a synthesizer-type of keynotes, the 61 and 76 keys models might be a good option because they feature Semi-weighted keys with Aftertouch. While for those who are looking for a piano-weighted touch, the 88 model is the perfect choice due to its Hammer action with Aftertouch configuration allowing you to play expressively much like playing on an acoustic piano.

The newly developed EDS-XP (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-Expanded) is trusted to be the heart of this beast where it produces more than 2200 high-quality tones from the classic acoustic and grand piano sounds to the sophisticated synthesizer tones for EDM. Not to mention this tone generator is Expandable meaning you can add the sounds from the previous Korg’s sound engine and customize them inside this keyboard. The engine also brings new advanced features such as Round-Robin drum and percussion performance, Smooth Sound Transition, Sound-Controller 3 functionality, and many more for you to explore.

Every arranger keyboard has the accompaniment feature along with its Styles that allow the user to play a song complete with the chords. In the PA5X this functionality has been upgraded with the Advanced Chord Recognition System and Full Library of Chord Sequences. This new chord recognition system allows users to adjust the chords play level from a very simple one with a single finger up to an advanced modern jazz pianist type of chord playing.

The interface panel is not only equipped with user-friendly Buttons, Sliders, and Knobs (with LEDs) but also an 8″ wide TouchView TFT display. This display allows the user to play two Styles, MIDI files, or MP3 files simultaneously thanks to the cutting-edge Dual Crossfading Players. Also, you can easily do sound customization or sequencer mix on this display using the Intuitive Mixer Section with Extensive Effects Processing.

Another noteworthy feature is the dedicated Guitar and Microphone inputs allow the user to record the instrument sound directly to the sound engine that capable of storing data up to 1GB (more than enough for most song productions). This way, you won’t need to record all of the instrument sounds including vocals to a computer because this keyboard can do it all for you.

Korg PA5X Features

  • Three types of keyboards: 61, 76, and 88 keys
  • Two types of keyboard action: 61-76 (Semi-weighted action), and 88 (Hammer-action)
  • High-performance and versatile EDS-XP (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-Expanded) sound engine
  • More than 2200 factory sounds and 600 styles
  • Premium design with aluminum case and wooden side panels
  • Sophisticated and streamlined user interface with easy-to-operate buttons, sliders, and knobs (with LEDs)
  • 9 buttons and 9 sliders real-time controllers
  • Built-in 16-track Sequencer for music production and styles creation
  • Advanced accompaniment feature with Chord Recognition System and Full Library of Chord Sequences
  • TouchScreen display with Intuitive Mixer Section and studio-grade effects processor
  • Mic and Guitar inputs allow a direct recording
  • A complete set of seamless connections to Computer and Smart Devices via USB and HDMI ports
  • Can be paired with the Korg PaAS amplification system for optional sound delivery (Optional Accessory)

Korg PA5X Specs

TYPE Arranger Workstation Keyboard
KEYBOARDS 61-76 keys (Semi-weighted Action), 88-key (Hammer Action)
ENGINE EDS-XP (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-Expanded)
TONES More than 2,200 sounds
POLYPHONY 160 Voices
STYLES More than 600 Styles
RECORDING 16-track Sequencer
PADS 16 Matrix Pads
CONTROLS 9 sliders and buttons
MEMORY 1GB internal memory
I/O Damper Pedal, MIDI I/O, Audio I/O, Headphones, HDMI
MICROPHONE Yes, Mono Input with Gain control and Phantom Power (Combo XLR, balanced)
GUITAR Yes, Mono Input with Gain control (1/4" jack, unbalanced)
USB Yes, Type-A and Type-B
POWER 20-watt
ACCESSORIES AC Power Cord, Music Rest
DIMENSIONS PA5X-61: 1262 mm (W) x 396.4 mm (D) x 146 mm (H)
PA5X-76: 1233.1 mm (W) x 374.4 mm (D) x 126.8 mm (H)
PA5X-88: 1021.1 mm (W) x 374.4 mm (D) x 126.8 mm (H)
WEIGHTS PA5X-61: 15.1 kg
PA5X-76: 17.4 kg
PA5X-88: 20.1 kg

*For detailed PA5X specs, please check out KORG’s site HERE.


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Korg PA5X Manuals Download

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Arranger Keyboards


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61-key, 76-key, 88-key

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Adaptor, Adaptor + X-Stand, Adaptor + X-Stand + X-Bench


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