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Konix PB88 Roll-Up Foldable Piano

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Konix PB88 is the perfect piano for beginners that can be played anywhere and at any time.

Product Includes

  • Konix PB88 Roll-up Piano
  • USB Power Supply
  • 1-year Local Warranty

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Out of stock

konix pb88 foldable piano

Konix PB88 – The Perfect Portable Practice Piano for Beginners

Commonly known that a digital piano has a bulky or a big shape which often takes a lot of space at home to just put it. This sometimes could cause a conflict, especially in Singapore where space is considered a luxury but the Konix PB88 has debunked this perception with its foldability where you can just play it anywhere you like.

Besides its foldability feature, this portable piano comes in a standard 88 keys which you can mostly find in the decent digital piano in the market, also, the same 128 maximum polyphony notes, sustain, and vibrato functions.

In terms of sounds, on this compact digital piano, you will get to play with over 120 tones, more than 120 rhythms, and 14 demo songs. Konix PB88 is also equipped with an onboard speaker that can be connected with external headphones and it can work as a midi controller via its micro USB port to PC.

However, the best part of this 88-key roll-up piano is that you can always bring it anywhere and start playing whenever you want to because it is powered with rechargeable batteries.

konix pb88 roll-up piano

Konix PB88 Roll-Up Piano Features

  • 88 standard full-size piano keys.
  • A built-in speaker that supports external audio connections (microphone, loudspeakers, etc).
  • Smart devices and PC connections supported.
  • Record feature with edit and play functions.
  • Rechargeable battery-powered.
  • Easy to carry around.

konix pb88 foldable piano features

Konix PB88 Specifications

TONES 128 rythms and tones, 14 songs
FUNCTION FEATURES Audio input, sustain and vibrato functions
DEVICE CONNECTIONS Support connection with speakers, headphones, computer, and tablet
SIZE: L/W/H About 1325 mm x 140 mm x 5 mm
WEIGHT About 1.6 kg
POWER Built-in reachargable li-ion battery charged with 5V DC power supply
ADDITIONAL NOTE Play on a flat surface

*For detailed specifications please check KONIX’s official site HERE


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Yes, we are ISO Certified and an authorized dealer for Casio, Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Martin, Zoom, Hartke, Line 6, Mackie, Konix and Ampeg musical instruments.


Is free delivery included?
Yes, free delivery and assembly are included for every purchase of over 500 SGD on all musical instruments including Digital Piano, Keyboards, Guitars, Electronic Drums.


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Yes, all of the products sold on our online store include a 1-year official warranty.


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Some of the musical instruments are bundled with certain accessories while others are not but we provide a Purchase With Purchase (PWP) bundle with great deals.


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Of course, we are encouraging every customer to get the actual feeling by testing the desired musical instruments at our stores at Tai Seng and Chai Chee.


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Absolutely, please check out our Testimonials page or you can visit our Google My Business (Google Maps) listing for other reviews HERE.



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  1. Satisfied Customer – Ms Renee

    When I’m out for business trips, I spend quite alot of time in the hotel room so this is really useful for me to play the songs i want. Very portable but don’t expect much from the touch as to be honest this is a rolled up piano so cannot be compare with keyboard or piano but it works well for me when i am travelling. Good Quality product for its price. Thank you.

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