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If you ever dreamed of playing Mandarin Praise and Worship songs on a keyboard piano such as Glory, Glory, Glory, 在祢沒有難成的事 Nothing Is Impossible, 深深地敬拜 Deeply I Worship and more we can help to make it happen by joining our 6-week class of Mandarin Praise and Worship Keyboard Piano Workshop.


The Objective of this workshop is to enable our brothers and sisters in Christ to serve GOD with keyboard/Piano playing. This workshop is specifically designed for beginners by our certified piano teachers to kickstart your journey in the Mandarin Praise and Worship for only $288/person starting from 3 October to 7 November 2023.


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keyboard worship workshop singapore

Mandarin Praise and Worship Keyboard/Piano Course


Keyboard Workshop Content

  1. Guaranteed every student can play at least two songs at the end of the workshop
  2. Learn and develop the fundamental keyboard techniques to lead your cell group
  3. Start building Mandarin Worship repertoire
  4. FREE loan of Keyboard to practice at home during the duration of the course (TnC apply)
  1. 保证每位学员于结业时能弹奏至少2首歌
  2. 学习并发展基础键盘技巧以代领您的小队
  3. 开始建立您的华语诗歌曲目
  4. 课程期间得免费借用键盘在家练习
  1. Foundations of keyboard piano techniques
  2. Theory: Pitch, Rhythm, Intervals, Chords
  3. Difference between Major and Minor chords
  4. Rhythm Patterns
  5. Chord Connections in Root, 1st and 2nd inversions
  6. Melody Accompaniment during Prayer
  7. How to play with a Bassist, Drummer without vocalist in the cell group
  8. How to play Solo Piano (without bass and drum)
  9. and More
  1. 基础键盘技巧
  2. 理论:音高,节奏,间隔,和弦
  3. 大调和弦及小调和弦之不同
  4. 节奏形态
  5. 原位和弦,第一转位,第二转位之和弦连接
  6. 祷告中的旋律伴奏
  7. 如何在无人声时,和小队的低音吉他手与鼓手协奏诗歌
  8. 如何在无低音吉他手和鼓手时,独奏钢琴
  9. 其他

Piano Teacher Profile


Parry Yap

Probably you have heard or read his name mentioned several times online or in the newspaper in Singapore. Teacher Parry has helped many piano students reach their dreams of becoming piano players with his unique and friendly teaching methods.

Parry is not only a teacher but he is also a high-profile performer with many experiences which includes State Events, Multinational Corporate (MNC), and Concert Tour.


parry yap piano teacher

Only $288 /person

3, 10, 17, 24, 31 Oct and 7 Nov

Take the initiative to be the person who can take the lead in your cell group to play and sing the worship and praise songs for the lord.

This special programme has a limited slot with six weeks of classes in 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 October and 7 November 2023, guaranteed you can play at least two songs upon completion of the workshop for only $288 /person.

If you need a keyboard piano to practice at home but don’t have one, rest assured, because we have a special Free Loan program with a small deposit upon registration, to learn more you can send us a message below.





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