Short Introductory Keyboard Coaching (60 minutes)

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Check out our short introductory bite size to kick start your musical talent. 60 minutes is all you need.  Everyone can make music and we do so with a twist! 

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Course Description

The Music Works Keyboard Course brings you to understand and utilize the different features:  Rhythms, Tones,  Key Transposing, Auto accompaniment and others to beautify playing.

Product Keyboard / Digital Piano learning Outline:

  1. Explore the different kind of rhythms to a song
  2. Add colorful fill-ins to bring styles to a song.
  3. Creating Introductions, fill-ins, variations and Endings to a song
  4. Using Auto Accompaniment
  5. Transposition of different keys
  6. The Right choice of Tone/Voice to the song
  7. When to use Layer to a song
  8. Right combination of tones for split feature
  9. Pitch Bend User (optional)
  10. The combination of Tones and Rhythms


*Different genres of repertoires are available (PDF file)

Purchase with Purchase (PWP)

Brief overview of your keyboard in 60 minutes, How to beautify your playing in 60 minutes, Learn your Chords in 60 minutes, Left Hand Accompaniment in 60 minutes, ABC way of learning to Play, 123 way of learning to Play


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