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Casio GP-510 Celviano Digital Piano


Casio GP510 Grand Hybrid Digital Piano features 88 Natural Grand Hammer Action Keys, AiR Grand sound engine, 35 tones, and built-in speakers. The GP-510 is the Perfect Combination of Innovation and Tradition, from the moment your hands touch the keys, the GP-510 Grand Hybrid delivers the authenticity your performance demands.

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What’s in the Box

  • Casio GP-510 Digital Piano
  • AC Adaptor
  • Wooden Stand
  • Tripedal
  • Music Rest
  • User Manual
  • Adjustable Bench

Product Inclusion

  • Bench based on chosen Bundle Deal Option
  • 1-year Local Warranty – LEARN MORE

Things to Note

  • Free Delivery & Assembly in Singapore (Lift Landing Floor Only)
  • Additional $150 Charge for Taking it Upstairs (Choose the Add On Deals)


  • If you choose another bench in the bundle option, the bench inside the box will not be given

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casio gp-510 celviano grand hybrid digital piano

Casio GP-510: Acoustic Meets Digital Piano Hybrid Technology

Since the development of the first digital piano, instrument makers have strived to create an instrument that could provide the experience of playing an acoustic grand piano. For years, Casio has refined its technologies with this goal in mind. Casio derives a significant advantage in reaching this goal since it does not manufacture acoustic pianos. This position has allowed Casio to research the finest acoustic pianos from around the world and develop groundbreaking music technology that recreates the piano experience.

The result is a revolutionary line of digital pianos. These digital pianos incorporate tones developed from three world-famous grand pianos, a keyboard system employing the same materials and dynamic mechanisms as grand pianos, and a sound system that delivers the rich, natural tone quality and sound field of an acoustic grand piano.

Casio’s CELVIANO Grand Hybrid represents this convergence of acoustic and digital technologies. With the new GP-510BP, Casio has succeeded in expanding the range of musical expression even further. This is the crystallization of 40 years of instrument making at Casio.

Grand Hybrid Piano FAQs

What is a grand hybrid piano technology?

A grand hybrid piano is a traditional acoustic piano that uses the modern electronic mechanism from digital sound sample production to sound delivery via a speaker system combined with the authentic hammer action keys, and tri-pedal resistance. It’s the perfect combination of acoustic meets digital technology.

Does a grand hybrid piano a good buy?

Yes, definitely, you will have a better piano-playing experience in acoustic and digital environments. A grand hybrid piano is perfect for players of any level.

How long does a grand hybrid piano last?

Depending on the material quality and how the player uses and maintain it but the average would be 20-50 years.

Does a grand hybrid piano need tuning?

A grand hybrid piano doesn’t need tuning because the sounds are produced digitally, therefore, there are no strings attached to the keys that need to be tuned or maintained.

Casio GP-510 Features

Revolutionary Tone Generators

AiR Grand Sound Source

More natural sustain for more beautiful chord resonance. More sensitive expressiveness for pianissimo sounds, especially when playing extremely softly.
The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid incorporates AiR Grand Sound Source, a system using Casio’s state-of-the-art sound technologies. It includes many impressive features. Multi-dimensional Morphing delivers smooth changes between soft and strong playing. Acoustic Simulator reproduces the characteristics of sounds produced by acoustic grand pianos. The authenticity generated by the AiR Grand Sound Source ensures a pure piano experience.

Multi-dimensional Morphing

On an acoustic grand piano, the volume and quality of sounds change from the time the keys are struck until they die away. Casio’s Multi-dimensional Morphing technology enables natural, smooth transitions in sound volume and tone based on the power of the keystroke. This technology contributes to more expressive performances.

casio gp-510 revolutionary tone generators

Three Legendary Pianos

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid reproduces even subtle nuances of the world’s most respected pianos. Three pianos that originate in Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna were chosen for this project. Casio has painstakingly researched and analyzed the unique characteristics of each piano.

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid delivers the brilliant sound of these pianos reproduced with Casio’s advanced technology. It will provide the experience of owning three of the finest pianos on earth.

Sound Development in Collaboration

The Berlin Grand sound was developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein. Casio sought a clear, balanced, and elegant sound for CELVIANO Grand Hybrid. D282, C. Bechstein’s ultimate masterpiece, is the model Casio intensively studied to achieve the goal. Mr. Albrecht, Service Director, and Master Piano Maker at C. Bechstein, visited Casio R&D to supervise the sound development process through the final modification.

casio gp-510 berlin grand piano with C. Bechstein

Authentic Acoustic Piano Touch

The player’s movement is transformed into music with many important factors. The most tangible factor is the keys. CELVIANO Grand Hybrid delivers authenticity from the first touch. The revolutionary Natural Grand Hammer Action keyboard is made with high-quality wooden keys. Its mechanism incorporates the hammer action that follows the same path of motion as in a grand piano. When the lid is lifted, you can see the hammers in motion through a clear panel as you play. Going beyond a standard acoustic mechanism, this action allows faster note repetition than acoustic pianos, while maintaining a true piano touch.

Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard

For an authentic piano touch, Casio has developed a new keyboard system called the “Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard”. This keyboard system features full-length wooden keys as well as hammers that follow the same path of motion as in a concert grand piano. CELVIANO Grand Hybrid features keys that are manufactured using exactly the same materials as acoustic grand piano. Careful attention is paid not only to finish of the surfaces of the keys but also to the quality of the wood employed for the key beds. This combination of an outstanding action mechanism and superior-quality key materials further enhances the sensation of playing an acoustic grand piano.

casio gp-510 authentic acoustic piano touch

Traditional Piano Environments

Grand Pedal System

By continuously sensing and detecting the position of the damper pedal, Casio’s Grand Pedal System enables fine-tuning of the damping volume and note length depending on the degree of pedal depression. In addition, the Half Pedal Position function permits adjustment of the depression position at which the damping effect comes into play according to the player’s preference. For performances which utilize the soft pedal, the change in volume and characteristics of sound is extremely natural where the player can enjoy a wide range of expression when playing softly. The Action Sound System’s Damper Noise and Pedal Action Noise features reproduce even subtle operating sounds like those experienced with an acoustic grand piano.

Grand Acoustic System

More powerful, dynamic playing expression from lows to mids to highs, thanks to the superlative sound delivered by an upgraded downward-facing main speaker, with especially improved bass

Casio has developed a new dedicated speaker system for the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid that reproduces the characteristics of sound emanating upwards and downwards from an acoustic grand piano. This enables powerful and dynamic expression from rich, stately bass to bright mid-high sounds. The four-channel audio system incorporates six speakers, carefully positioned in a structural design that releases sound outward from the interior of the body. The system delivers the same sound field experience a player would enjoy while playing an acoustic grand piano.

Adjustable Lid Position & Lid Simulator

The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid’s design includes a top panel that can be manually raised and lowered. The lid’s position not only physically affects the sound coming from the upper speakers, but also works in conjunction with the “Lid Position” setting to accurately duplicate the characteristics of the adjustable lid on an acoustic grand piano.

The volume and timbre of sound produced by a grand piano change depending on the degree to which the lid is open or closed. The Lid Simulator simulates these acoustic effects digitally. Pianists can select among four settings for opening and closing stages and enjoy playing music with the piano sound effect of their choice.

*The Lid Simulator’s setting value remains unchanged, regardless of whether the piano’s top board is open or closed.

casio gp-510 adjustable lid position

Casio GP-510 Specs

KEYBOARD 88 keys (Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard)
TONES 35 sounds
POLYPHONY 256 voices (Max)
LESSON Yes, Part Select: Right hand, Left hand
TRI-PEDAL Grand Pedal System: damper, soft, sostenuto
RECORDER MIDI Recorder: 2 tracks, 1 song
SONGS 60 songs
USB Yes, Type A and Type B
I/O 2x Line In, 2x Line Out, 2x Phones/Output
SPEAKERS 16 cm x 2 + (10 cm + 5 cm) x2 (30W)
POWER 38W with AC Adaptor
ACCESSORIES Music Rest, AC Adaptor, Piano Bench, Score Book
WIDTH 1,434 mm
DEPTH 489 mm
HEIGHT 963 mm
Weight 78.5 kg

*For detailed GP-510 specs, please check out CASIO’s official site HERE.


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Casio GP-510 Manuals Download

Please click the link below to download any PDF documents related to Casio GP-510 grand hybrid piano:

Weight 78.5 kg
Dimensions 143.4 × 48.9 × 96.3 cm
Bundle Deal Options

PROMO: Adaptor, Adaptor, PROMO: Adaptor + Cleaning Cloth + Key Cloth + Metronome + ABC Stickers + Adjustable Bench, Adaptor + Headphones + Red Key Cloth + Grey Cleaning Cloth, Adaptor + Headphones + Red Key Cloth + Grey Cleaning Cloth + Adjustable Height Bench, Adaptor + Headphones + Red Key Cloth + Grey Cleaning Cloth + Double Seated Storage Bench, Adaptor + Headphones + Red Key Cloth + Grey Cleaning Cloth + Adjustable Height Bench with Storage

Bench Options

None, Adjustable Bench, 2-Seater Storage Bench, Adjustable Storage Bench




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14 reviews for Casio GP-510 Celviano Digital Piano

  1. Satisfied Customer – Taro Kataoka

    The service was excellent when I visited the shop for purchase. Delivery was done with schedule arrangement and was convenient. Product as hybrid model is better than normal digital piano giving more authentic piano feel with wooden keys feel. We were very pleased with their level of service and will certainly recommend them to our friends.

  2. Mr Hajime Sakuma

    The staff at the Music Works are very friendly! I just wanted to try digital pianos only for a while, but they told me I could spend as much as time I wanted and try any models. No (forceful) sales talks at all! I appreciated it because in other shops I visited (not all), the staff focused on talking too much, so I couldn’t try the instruments as much or wouldn’t let me try the instrument for the 2nd time visit though I was there to try it again to confirm to make the payment! Nevertheless, I appreciated the staff in other shops were not so nice that I was able to purchase the instrument I really wanted at the Music Works! By the way, when I decided to purchase the instrument with the Music Works, they delivered it to my place and set it up within the same day! What’s more, they carried the model I wanted to try! Other shops didn’t have this model displayed. I really enjoy CASIO GP-510! You would be blown away!

    Satisfied Customer – Mr Hajime Sakuma

  3. lgouwkh

    Excellent service by The Music World from first contact to post delivery. Provided good advise and trials of different brands/models in their show rooms. Arranged special effort to delivery in the weekend. And even helped in registering the 3yr warranty. Happy to recommend both TMW and the GP510.

  4. Mr Chng Kai Jin

    Over the years, I have used digital pianos, mainly for finger practice. The great advantage with a digital piano is that you can practise anytime with the headphones on without waking up the neighbors. The main drawback however is that digital pianos are limited in sensitivity and dynamic range, you can’t create all the subtle nuances as with a good acoustic grand piano.

    That is, until now.

    I have heard much about Casio’s flagship GP-510, a hybrid digital piano with a real wooden keyboard activating all sorts of digital bells and whistles. With some skepticism, I visited the distributor The Music Works / Absolute Piano at Tai Seng. All I can say is that the excellent reviews I have read were no exaggeration. This new digital piano comes as close to a good grand piano as is possible. The sensitivity of the keyboard is as good as the real thing. You can play very loud and very soft, with lots of tone colours in between. While it is the most important characteristic I look for in a piano, sensitivity is only part of what the new Casio can do. You can spend many hours playing with its digital capabilities, choosing the weight of the keys, testing different tunings (now I know how a Pythagorean tuning sounds like), and selecting between 3 piano sounds which for copyright reasons Casio names Berlin Grand, Hamburg Grand and Vienna Grand.

    The process of choosing a good piano is like making an adoption. The staffs have been absolutely helpful here and I would suggest you seek them out if you are searching for a good piano.

    Last but not least, while Casio GP-510 is the top end of all the Casio pianos, it is also the lowest priced of all the top end digital pianos that I know. It is definitely great value for money.

    Satisfied Customer – Mr Chng Kai Jin

  5. Satisfied Customer – Epyon Feng

    Amazing job from Charles and team. He was meticulously and planned every delicate steps towards ensuring the piano is handled and installed carefully. Definitely recommend to buy from him.

  6. Satisfied Customer – Lionel Gouw

    Excellent service by The Music Works from first contact to post delivery. Provided good advise and trials of different brands/models in their show rooms. Arranged special effort to delivery in the weekend. And even helped in registering the 3yr warranty. Happy to recommend both TMW and the GP510.

  7. angelaong68

    Fast delivery, order on sunday and deliver on Thursday. The delivery team is very friendly and very professional.

  8. Satisfied Customer – Mr Chia K.C

    Items received in good condition. However, noticed that there is no storage for the power adaptor. It will be good if the design could incorporate a location to place the power adaptor in the piano.

  9. Satisfied Customer – Mr Brandon Wong

    Product is as described and love the touch and sound of this Casio Gp-510. Thankfully i purchased from The Music Works who have display set for me to try. The delivery was prompt and the service very good.

  10. angelaong68

    Fast delivery, order on sunday and deliver on Thursday. The delivery team is very friendly and very professional

  11. Angela Ong

    Fast delivery. The delivery team is very friendly and very professional.

  12. mf1xkdlrr

    Love this piano!!!

  13. Satisfied Customer – Janice Teng

    My old piano broke down and the repair cost a few hundred dollars and decided to visit The Music Works at Tai Seng as saw many good reviews on google. Was served by a very pleasant and friendly lady, told her my budget and she showed me the pianos around my budget. She is very good to hear and understand my needs as i told her at times i do recordings and there are some repertories which couldnt be played on the current digital piano. She recommended Roland LX708 and Casio GP510 and at the end of the day, I fell in love with the Casio GP510 and I’m indeed very happy that i got it. I always thought that Casio only made calculators or watches and i must say that Casio GP-510 is really a very good piano. Thank you The Music Works for your kind patience and good recommendation.

  14. Satisfied Customer – Mr Steven Ong

    Called the hotline and serve by knowledgable customer service who was very patience and invited my whole family to their showroom to try out their piano models. The showroom is very nice with many models but since my children are in the high piano grade and our digital piano just became faulty so there are are few exam models which the staff recommend. Both my teenage son and daughter love the Casio GP-510 as they both say that the action and sound is good. It is pricey but since i have 3 children who is learning the piano so i see it as a good investment.. The Music Works service is excellent and delivery was on time. My friends who came to visit says that the piano is impressive. Thank you The Music Works 👍

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