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Guitar Combo & Head Amps

A guitar amp or amplifier is a cube-shaped wooden cabinet with an electronic speaker system to transform the electric guitar’s signals to be a solid sound. TMW provides high-quality Guitar amps, combos & heads products in Singapore at an affordable price from Yamaha and Blackstar brands. Some of our hot-selling guitar amplifiers are Yamaha THR10, THR10II, THR5, Blackstar FLY 3, HT-5R MKII, ID:CORE V3 40, and many more. Free delivery is available in all guitar amp purchases for over $500. Please check out the complete list of our guitar amp products below.

    • Yamaha THR100HD Guitar Amplifier

      Yamaha THR100HD is a 100-watt dual-channel guitar amp that each provides five different amp types. Sets a new standard for digital modeling am

    • vox ac30s1 guitar combo amp tmw singapore

      Vox AC30S1 Guitar Combo Amp

      Vox AC30S1 guitar combo amp features a 1-channel system, all-tube preamps, a 12″ Celestion speaker, digital reverb, and a Top Boost circ

    • Yamaha THR100H Guitar Amplifier

      Yamaha THR100H features the incredible tone and flexibility of THR100H Dual in a compact, lightweight single-channel body, THR100H has got you

    • Yamaha THR30IIA Wireless Guitar Amp

      Yamaha THR30IIA Features 30-Watt stereo desktop amplifier with two 3.5″ (9 cm) speakers 3 Realistic-sounding mic models, plus nylon-stri

    • blackstar ht5r mkii

      Blackstar HT-5R MKII Guitar Amp

      Blackstar HT-5R MKII is the updated model of its predecessor – the HT-5R – was very welcomed in 2008 as the low wattage home and s

    • yamaha thr30ii wireless guitar combo amp tmw singapore

      Yamaha THR30II Wireless Guitar Amp

      Yamaha THR30II Guitar Amp features a single channel with Amplifier Models, 2x 3.5-inch stereo speakers, 30-watt power, 3-band EQ, USB and Blue

    • Yamaha THRC212 Guitar Amp Cabinet

      Yamaha THRC212 is specially designed to be the perfect companion to THR100H Dual, the THRC212 features mismatched Eminence Legend1218 and The

    • yamaha thr10ii guitar combo amp tmw singapore

      Yamaha THR10II Guitar Combo Amp

      Yamaha THR10II Guitar Amp features a pair of 3-inch 20-watt stereo speakers, a single-channel, 15 amp models, 3-band EQ, USB port, rechargeabl

    • Yamaha THRC112 Guitar Amp Cabinet

      The perfect partner of THR100H Dual & THR100H. The compact THRC112 features a single Eminence Legend1218 12” driver for a powerful, punc

    • Vox VT20X Guitar Combo Amp

      Vox VT20X modeling amp features an 8-inch speaker, VET tech, Valvetronix preamp, 11 amp models, 13 effects, DSP, 33 programs, a unique design.

    • Yamaha THR5A 2x3" Acoustic Guitar Amp

      Yamaha THR5A Guitar Amplifier

      Yamaha THR5A guitar combo amp features 2x 3″ speakers with warm and natural sounds, specifically designed for acoustic-electric guitars.

    • Yamaha THR5 Guitar Amplifier 2x3" Speakers

      Yamaha THR5 – Guitar Amplifier

      WHAT’S INCLUDED: – 12 Months Local Warranty It’s not for practice, it’s for playing Conventional amps work great on st


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