88 Weighted Hammer Keys Velocity Sensitive

88 Weighted Hammer Keys Velocity Sensitive

    At The Music Works (TMW), Music School and the authorized dealer of Yamaha, Casio, Roland, & Korg musical instruments: digital piano, acoustic & electric guitar, & electronic drum. Explore our range of fantastic-looking and premium piano products, from the standard digital pianos, upright digital pianos to stage pianos, solely for your own pick when you browse through our site. Our selection of upscale piano products also includes a variety of digital keyboards such as the typical digital keyboards and arranger workstation keyboards.

    Classical Guitars

    Guitars have come a long way ever since it was first created in the early 16th Century and now it has gone through a complete evolution and the category is filled with a range of various guitars. It first started with the classical guitar that is an absolute favorite among users or players, as the name of the guitar says for itself, who enjoys creating the elegant and calming sounds of classical music. Compared to the other modern guitars, the classical guitar produces sounds that are much thicker, mellow, and soft-sounding. To be precise, this instrument is best suited for users who enjoy playing pieces in folk, Latin, or even cetin style.

    Electric & Acoustic Guitars

    Besides the typical classical guitar, we have a wide range of affordable guitar products, ranging from acoustic guitars to electric guitars. At The Music Works (TMW), we offer different types of instruments to give users the best musical experience that can be found even within their own homes in Singapore.

    Our acoustic guitars, which come in steel strings, are perfect for creating twangy and bright sounds. Unlike the classical guitar, this instrument is more suited for players or users who are looking to create something that resonates and lasts longer. The electric guitars that we have, on the other hand, are excellent when you intend to produce a powerful, mind-blowing, sustaining sound, which can all be easily done with the use of a simple amplifier.

    Most of our products come from the world-class brand, recognized as Yamaha Corporation. The established company is not only respected for their distinguished music school but is also generally known for their remarkable assortment of musical products that is located within a number of their very own retail stores worldwide.

    Digital Pianos

    Designed specifically to serve as a distinctive alternative to your typical traditional or grand pianos, the digital piano aims to replicate the same exact experience that you will get from either of these pianos. Experience aside, the digital piano is also a more affordable option for users new to the piano, or existing players looking to try a variety of music. It is conveniently created to match the needs of users who are looking for a piano model that is smaller and lighter in weight compared to an acoustic piano. Unlike the traditional piano, digital pianos do not require any tuning, just connect it to a keyboard system or public address (PA) system and play a striking sound that is loud enough for an extremely large venue.

    Digital Keyboards

    On the other hand, our digital keyboards are excellent for a wide range of users in Singapore, whether you are a home user, beginner, intermediate player or non-professional user, this type of instrument will be the perfect choice for anyone. These keyboards can recreate different types of sounds like the violin, pipe organ, or Hammond organ. We highly recommend this type of instrument to users or students who have no background in the piano or are simply interested in picking up this instrument as the digital keyboard is ideal for beginners. Additionally, the digital keyboard is great for users who are looking to try a new kind of instrument or who wants to test out a broad range of voices or tones. Once users have completely mastered the digital keyboard, learning the piano will be an easy hurdle to overcome.

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