Play it like Andy Mckee. Tips to Learn Fingerstyle Techique
Play it like Andy Mckee. Tips to Learn Fingerstyle Techique
Play it like Andy Mckee. Tips to Learn Fingerstyle Techique

Play it like Andy Mckee. Tips to Learn Fingerstyle Techique

Have you heard about Sung Ha Jun or Andi Mckee? If you are a guitar player you must have heard of them. Playing the fingerstyle guitar technique  like Sung Ha Jun or Andi Mckee is not an easy thing. The reason is this guitar technique has a higher difficulty compared to playing the guitar in general. If you are a melody guitarist, maybe learning fingerstyle guitar technique will not be too difficult, because your fingers are already quite used and agile enough. But it will be felt quite difficult for beginners or ordinary guitar players, and it takes some tips and specific advice to learn this specific guitar technique. We will share a few specific tips in mastering this fingerstyle guitar technique.

Start with Picking Strings With Fingertips

The first special step that you can try to learn the fingerstyle guitar technique is to get used to pluck the strings with your fingertips. Fingerstyle itself is a guitar technique that uses a lot of fingertips when applied. So it becomes a basic thing for you who want to learn fingerstyle to learn to pluck strings with your fingertips. When you first try to pluck the guitar with your fingertips, you might feel pain in the tip of your right finger, because your fingers are not used to pressing the guitar strings like the tips of your left hand. But over time, your right fingertips will become stronger and you will no longer feel pain.


To master how to play the fingerstyle guitar, you are advised to practice fingering more often or exercise your fingers with your guitar. You can start by plucking the guitar with your fingertips from the top string to the bottom. In doing finger exercises, try to maximize the strings of your guitar strings. Use your thumb to pluck strings 5 ​​and 6. Then use your index finger to pluck the 4th string and middle finger to pluck the 3rd string. To pluck the 2nd string, you can use your ring finger. As for the first string, use your little finger. Perform these finger exercises regularly to make your fingers more agile. You can also create fingerprint exercises that you do, for example in the order 123456, 645321, 654321 or create your own exercise.

Fingerstyle Training

Next is to practice the actual fingerstyle. If you have done and mastered tips 1 and 2 mentioned earlier, you can try to practice playing songs with the fingerstyle guitar technique. To help you learn, you can use fingerstyle sites like as a place to find songs that you can practice. You just have to enter the name of the fingerstyle guitar player like Sung Ha Jung or Andi McKee. Next, start practising using the fingerstyle direction of the song you choose.

Be consistent and Exercise Routinely

As has been said before, the fingerstyle technique has a higher level of difficulty compared to ordinary guitar playing. Therefore, the last tip that you must apply so that you can become proficient at playing this guitar technique is to practice regularly. Apply tips 1,2 and 3 previously mentioned with regular exercise frequency.

That’s a quick tip for learning fingerstyle guitar techniques for beginners. Hope it helps you master this guitar technique. And also pick your best and suitable guitar for you. You know what they say, “any problem that you can’t solve with good guitar is either unsolvable or it isn’t a problem!”

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