Picking Techniques in Playing Guitar and How to Master it
Picking Techniques in Playing Guitar and How to Master it
Picking Techniques in Playing Guitar and How to Master it

Picking Techniques in Playing Guitar and How to Master it

Playing guitar will certainly be more exciting if you already know the technique. In playing the guitar itself, various unique techniques can make guitar playing more beautiful and interesting.
One of the most basic is the picking technique. For those of you who grew up and studied guitar at a music school or guitar course, this technique might be very familiar to you. This is how to easily practice it.

What is Guitar Picking Technique?

Picking technique is one of the guitar techniques that are quite widely known and also used by guitarists. As the name implies, the technique was applied using a pick tool. This technique itself is divided into several different types, while some of them are as follows:

Up-stroke picking

Technique by picking the strings upwards. In tablature, the use of this technique is often symbolized by the image of V.

Down-stroke picking

Picking technique which is the opposite of Up-Stroke Picking, namely by plucking the strings downward. In tablature, the use of Down-Stroke Picking is done symbolized by a shaped image.

Alternate Picking

This picking technique is a combination of Up-Stroke Picking and also Down-Stroke Picking.

Economic Picking

Economic Picking is a variation of picking, this technique is usually applied to fast solo guitar playing. This technique is applied by sounding 2 notes on 2 strings in one pass.

Circle Picking

This technique can be said not much different from Economic picking techniques. But this one picking technique is usually done by plucking the strings circularly to produce a smoother sound.

Tremolo Picking

Tremolo Picking can be said to be the same picking technique as alternate picking, where this technique is a variation of picking. This technique itself has variations that are distinguished when one is picked quickly and repeatedly.

Sweep Picking

Sweep Picking is a guitar-picking technique that is done by plucking several strings at a time, up and down based on arpeggio tones.

Harmonic Picking

This picking technique is a picking technique commonly used to look for harmonic tones.

Tapping Picking

The last picking technique is Tapping picking. This technique is a picking technique that is done by hitting the guitar strings on the fret of the guitar quickly or slowly.

How to Practice Picking Techniques?

To be able to master this picking technique, the simplest and most basic way you can try is to use a chromatic scale when you do finger exercises. As additional information, some musicians think that you can also practice this picking technique by writing and shading. Believe it or not, writing has the same elements as upstroke-downstroke on a small scale, so that it can help you learn the technique of picking upstroke-downstroke, outside the main “finger exercises” exercise. Likewise, shading is believed to have a sweep picking element that is also on a small scale. Writing and shading can be an additional exercise for you besides finger exercises to master picking techniques.

Hopefully this information can help you become better at playing the guitar, especially using picking techniques. If you want to expand your guitar skill, you can join our guitar course for kids and adults.

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