NCT Dream concert in Singapore 2024

NCT DREAM Concert in Singapore: All You Need to Know

NCTzens rejoice because NCT DREAM is coming to Singapore in June 2024! The concert, part of their dazzling “2024 NCT DREAM WORLD TOUR <THE DREAM SHOW 3: DREAM()SCAPE>”, promises a night of high-energy performances, spectacular visuals, and unforgettable fan interactions.

Known for hits like “Hot Sauce” and “BOOM”, the group which is a vibrant sub-unit of the South Korean mega-group NCT has carved a niche for themselves with their youthful energy and innovative music styles, ranging from hip-hop to Latin pop influences.

NCTzens this is your chance to witness the undeniable talent and charisma of Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung live!

To get you prepared for the upcoming NCT DREAM concert, we’ve prepared some of the essential info for you.

Disclaimer: TMW is not affiliated with the NCT DREAM Concert, our purpose is to help provide the latest news about the show, any inquiries should go to the promoter site LiveNation

Things to Know About NCT DREAM Concert in Singapore

1. The Concert Date (Latest Update)

LiveNation as the main promoter of the concert has confirmed that it will be a 2-night concert starting from 29th to 30th June 2024 with open gat at 6 PM each day. The 2-night concert promised spectacular shows with a setlist packed with the group’s biggest hits, alongside fresh tracks from their new album.

NCT DREAM concert date in singapore

2. The Concert Venue

Singapore Indoor Stadium is once again selected as the venue to entertain K-Popers to see their idols live on stage, this time it’s NCT DREAM turn. The multipurpose indoor arena, designed by renowned Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, can accommodate around 12,000 spectators, a suitable venue to hold a massive concert such as the 2024 NCT DREAM WORLD TOUR <THE DREAM SHOW 3: DREAM()SCAPE>.

3. The Ticket Prices

As you may have guessed, the NCT DREAM ticket concert in Singapore can be purchased from the Ticketmaster website. The Presale already started from 2nd to 3rd May, and now it’s time for the General Sale which started on May 4th at noon. In total, there are about 9 ticket categories available:

  • VIP STANDING: $348*
  • VIP SEATED: $348*
  • CAT 1 STANDING: $298
  • CAT 2: $298
  • CAT 3: $248
  • CAT 4: $208
  • CAT 5: $188
  • CAT 6: $228 (Restricted View)
  • CAT 7: $188 (Restricted View)

Make sure you purchase the ticket directly from the official organizer, HERE.

NCT Dream concert in singapore seat map and ticket prices

4. The Concert Setlist

NCTzens, prepare to be swept away by NCT DREAM’s signature brand of vibrant youthfulness and of course, their popular hit songs live. Their music, a captivating blend of pop, R&B, hip-hop, and dance, is guaranteed to get your heart racing and your feet moving. Let’s prepare for their upcoming setlist so you can sing along and dance together.

NCT DREAM Setlist 2024

  1. Box
  2. 119
  3. SOS
  4. GO
  5. Poison
  6. Drippin’
  7. Arcade
  8. We Go Up
  9. Bungee
  10. Walk With You
  11. Never Goodbye
  12. Breathing
  14. Tangerine Love
  15. Yoghurt Shake
  1. Pretzel (♡)
  2. Candy
  3. Dream Run
  4. Better Than Gold
  5. Fireflies
  6. Hello Future
  7. Broken Melodies
  8. Skateboard
  9. ISTJ
  10. Smoothie
  11. Blue Wave
  12. Dive Into You
  13. ANL
  14. Like We Just Met

*The setlist is for reference only and is based on the recent NCT DREAM 2024 concert in Seoul

NCT Dream the dream show 3 setlist

5. The Transportation

The Singapore Indoor Stadium is located in one of the vibrance spots in Singapore, Kallang. Easy to reach by public transportation and is surrounded by various entertainment, lodging, and dining options. Traveling fans won’t find any difficulties finding the best option to reach the venue.

However, you can always use these guides for the available means of transportation:

  • MRT Train – Board the Circle Line (Yellow Color) and disembark at Stadium MRT Station (CC6).
  • Bus – Bus Service 11 will get you right to the Stadium Bus Stop.
  • Grab Car – Choose Pick-Up Point B is on the East side of the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

For your convenience, you can always follow Google Maps.

6. The Companion

Who would you like to go with to see NCT DREAM live on stage? Obviously, your dear besties fellow NCTzens! Imagine the excitement when the live rendition of “BOX”, “DIVE INTO YOU” and “HELLO FUTURE” followed by the members’ explosive dance moves. It’s time to go wild singing and dancing all night long with your besties and fellow NCTzens.

NCT Dream concert with besties


Expect dazzling choreography, state-of-the-art stage production, and an atmosphere filled with the electrifying energy that only NCT DREAM can deliver. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering their music, this concert is a guaranteed dream come true for any NCTzen.

We will keep this article updated with the latest news from the 2024 NCT DREAM WORLD TOUR <THE DREAM SHOW 3: DREAM()SCAPE> in Singapore stay tuned!

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