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Want to start learning any musical instrument but you don’t know where to start? Want your kids to do something fun for the school holidays? Unsure of which musical instrument suits you or your child?

Come and check out our Holiday Music Programme, BUFFET STYLE!

TMW Music School proudly presents our LEARN-ALL-YOU-CAN holiday music programme from 29 May – 1 June 2023 for students starting from 4 years old and above.

This buffet-style programme aims to give students the chance to try out introductory music lessons of different musical instruments. Participants pay a one-time fee and can freely choose as many music lessons as they can attend – piano, keyboard, guitar (acoustic and/or electric), ukulele, drums, percussion ensemble, vocals, and home recording – you name it. Participants can choose to attend up to 9 lessons for all 4 days, with 1.5 hours for each music-filled lesson.

We believe that this program is really beneficial for the students and parents to understand better which musical instrument suits their interest or has a potential musical talent waiting to be discovered.

Let’s find out more about our selection of available music lessons during the Holiday Music Programme below.

Available Music Lessons

Basic Piano (4-13 years old)

This introductory lesson highlights the fundamentals of piano including basic rhythms, keyboard mapping, and simple note reading. At the end of the lesson, you should be able to play your first few songs in the piano!

Sessions are available for 4-6 years old and 7-13 years old. No music background is required.

basic pop piano course for kids and teenagers
pop keyboard course for teenagers

Pop Keyboard (14+ years old)

This lesson features a contemporary approach to learning keyboards that includes basic theories, hand coordination, keyboard accompaniment, and simple chord progressions.

Sessions are available for 14 years old and above. No music background is required.

Ukulele (7+ years old)

One of the easiest-to-learn musical instruments, our ukulele sessions highlight the fun and simplicity of playing the ukulele. This lesson will provide the students with basic knowledge of the instrument as well as proper techniques to play some popular songs.

Sessions are available for 7-13 years old, 14-20 years old, and 21+ years old. No music background is required.

ukulele course for kids and teenagers
acoustic guitar course for kids

Pop Acoustic Guitar (7+ years old)

Ever get inspired by pop artists like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift? This introductory lesson aims to equip aspiring guitar players with the essentials of acoustic guitar playing from the proper position, strumming, chord progressions, and learning to play popular songs.

Sessions are available for 7-13 years old, 14-20 years old, and 21+ years old. No music background is required.

Electric Guitar (13+ years old)

Unleash the rockstar in you! This lesson places emphasis on proper electric guitar techniques. From understanding every part of the instrument, essential electric guitar techniques, string control, useful theories, basic scales, and improvisation, we got it covered!

Sessions are available for 13+ years old. Basic guitar background is required. Students will need to bring their own electric guitars.

electric guitar course for teenagers
drums course for kids and teenagers

Drums Lesson (6+ years old)

Be the beat keeper of the band! This drum lesson covers foundational drum playing from understanding parts of a drumset, posture, learning rhythm & beat, fill-in combinations, rudiments, and more.

Sessions are available for 6-13 years old, 14-20 years old, and 21+ years old. No music background is required.

Vocal Lesson (6+ years old)

Yes of course you can sing! Learn to develop your voice and discover singing techniques such as posture, breathing, vocal exercises, microphone techniques, approaching popular songs, and more.

Sessions are available for 6-13 years old and 14+ years old. No music background is required.

vocal course for kids and teenagers
percussion ensemble course for kids

Percussion Ensemble Lesson (6-13 years old)

In this percussion ensemble lesson, students will get to experience playing percussion instruments in a group. The lesson covers the classification of percussion instruments, basic notation, understanding rhythm, and the very essence of ensemble playing.

Sessions are available for 6-13 years old. No music background is required.

Home Recording Basic Lesson (15+ years old)

This home recording lesson is perfect for every aspiring musician eager to venture into the world of professional music production. You will learn the basic of home recording by understanding pro-audio and recording equipment, digital audio workstation software interface, effect plugins, audio mixing & mastering, and more.

Sessions are available for 15+ years old. At least one instrument basic background is required.

home recording basic course for teenagers

Join the Holiday Music Programme Now!

Only $200 /person (29th May - 1 June)

Let’s turn your school holiday into something meaningful by acquiring new music skills, not one but quite possibly all of the above. Yes, you read it right, this buffet-style music lesson is all-you-can-attend in one programme. What are you waiting for, book your slots now! Limited slots per session!

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