mayday band concert in singapore january 2024

MAYDAY Concert in Singapore: All You Need To Know

Mayday fans rejoice because the Taiwanese band (formerly called So Band) will be having their third concert in Singapore on their MAYDAY NOWHERE Re: Live 2024 SINGAPORE TOUR.

The “Nowhere” tour which made its debut in 2012 at Beijing’s National Stadium and then made its way to our nation in 2012 and 2013 scored a historic milestone in Chinese music. Soon they will return to our shores onboard the epic “Noah’s Ark” on a mission to create memorable moments alongside their fans.

To get you ready for the Mayday craze, we have prepared some of the things you should know before, during, and after the show.

Things to Know About the MAYDAY Concert in Singapore

1. The Concert Date (Latest Update)

Initially, the concert for the band dubbed as “the Beatles of the Chinese-speaking world” was a one-night concert only but due to the overwhelming response coming from the fans, the promotor – LIVENATION – extended the show to the following day. Now it’s confirmed the show will be happening in two nights from 13-14 January 2024.

mayday band concert date in singapore

2. The Concert Venue

For such a grand event to accommodate the massive crowd of MAYDAY fans, the National Stadium is once again trusted to be the host of this two-day concert. The home base of our National Football Team – The Lions – has spectator seats up to 55,000 seats and a great layout to see a band perform live. Make sure to book the ticket with the best view.

mayday concert venue at Singapore national stadium

3. The Ticket Prices (Latest Update)

Confirmed by LiveNation, MAYDAY NOWHERE Re: Live 2024 SINGAPORE TOUR tickets are still available in limited numbers. This could be your last chance to get the tickets before the show on 13-14 January 2024.

Due to the extension of the show date of the MAYDAY NOWHERE Re: Live 2024 SINGAPORE TOUR, the ticket has become available once again on General Sale starting from $168 up to $368.

There are numerous online ticket providers that you can choose such as Ticketmaster, Klook, Viagogo, and LiveNation itself. For more info, you can find the details HERE.

mayday concert Singapore ticket prices

4. The Concert Setlist

For the MAYDAY NOWHERE Re: Live 2024 SINGAPORE TOUR, there’s still no set list published officially. However, looking back on the previous concert back in 2013, we assume the setlist will be more or less similar (with possible of new songs) because one of their missions is to venture on another voyage filled with nostalgic memories and the creation of new ones with their fans. Thanks to maydaysonnets blog who compiled this setlist in 2013 for your reference.


  1. 有些事(一节)
  2.  2012
  3. 爱情万岁
  4. 叫我第一名
  5. 星空
  6. 我不愿让你一个人
  7. 仓颉
  8. 你不是真正的快乐
  9. 抓狂+武装
  10. 我心中尚未崩坏的地方
  11. 如烟+如果还有明天
  12. 知足 (家家)
  1. 拥抱
  2. 第二人生
  3. T1213121
  4. 三个傻瓜
  5. 孙悟空
  6. 春天的吶喊 + OK la + 軋车
  7. 离开地球表面
  8. 温柔(还你自由版)
  9. OAOA
  10. 第一天
  11. 有些事现在不做一辈子都不会做
  12. 干杯
mayday nowhere concert setlist in singapore

5. The Dress Code

Dress casually is still the best option to wear for a band concert, especially, a rock band. A T-shirt paired with Jeans for the boy and a Crop Top paired with a Skirt for the girl could be your dress code inspiration.

Also to consider, the National Stadium layout is a semi-outdoor venue and January is in the middle of the rainy season probably best to bring a light Jacket or wear a long-sleeved shirt to keep you warm from the chill air.

mayday concert outfit

6. The Transportation

Getting to the National Stadium is relatively easy even if this is your first time traveling to Singapore due to the convenience of the transportation routes and choices. Here are some of the best routes to choose to get there:

  • MRT Train – Board the Circle Line (Yellow Color) and disembark at Stadium MRT Station (CC6).
  • Bus – Several bus routes are going to the stadium: Bus Service 11, 10, 14, 16, 70, 70M, or 196.
  • Grab Car – There are two pick-up points for Grab Car: Pick-Up Point A is on the North side of the National Stadium, and Pick-Up Point B is on the East side of the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

For your convenience, you can always follow Google Maps.

7. The Gear

Band member’s gear has always been part of their iconic set which every fan wants to know and if possible own as well, especially the set from one of the legendary Asian rock bands. We’ve compiled some of the gears that are most commonly seen and used by Wen-Shang Yi “MONSTER” and Shin Chin-Hang “STONE” the guitarists of MAYDAY for your reference.

  • Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar – Shin Chin-Hang often uses this electric guitar at the band concert
  • Orange Rockerverb MKII + PPC412 Guitar Amp Head and Cabinet – The Monster often uses the amp paired with the Stratocaster
  • Gibson Custom Shop Tak Matsumoto Les Paul “TAK BURST” Electric Guitar – possibly one of Wen-Shang Yi’s favorite electric guitars
  • Marshall JCM 2000 Guitar Head Amp – The Stone chooses Marshal for his guitar sound adjustment

If you are thinking of following their footsteps on playing an electric guitar, you better start with the beginner-friendly one and we have some recommendations for you on this page – Electric Guitars for Beginners.

mayday band equipments

8. The Companion

Watching the MAYDAY concert with like-minded friends who also happen to be fans of the band will lead to the creation of great memories. However, don’t rule out bringing your family, especially the Dad because the band could be one of his favorites due to they are already in the music industry since 1998.

watching mayday concert with friends


Watching a band concert is more than just attending a live performance; it’s about immersing yourself in the magic of music, connecting with fellow fans, and creating lasting memories. With these tips in mind, you’re well-equipped to embark on a musical journey that transcends the ordinary. So, the next time you find yourself in the crowd, let the music guide you and savor every note of the extraordinary symphony unfolding before your eyes.

We will keep this article updated on the latest news of MAYDAY NOWHERE Re: Live 2024 SINGAPORE TOUR.

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