Mastering Double Stroke Roll, Use These Precise Tips
Mastering Double Stroke Roll, Use These Precise Tips
Mastering Double Stroke Roll, Use These Precise Tips

Mastering Double Stroke Roll, Use These Precise Tips

Double stroke roll is one of the most important basic drum techniques. Just like a single stroke roll, a double stroke roll is played in alternating stroke sequences. Not just one hit on each hand, but two blows.
For beginner drum players, this double stroke roll is one of the things that is quite difficult. It takes practice routine so that you can master it well. Patience and practice properly, is one of the keys. However, you do not need to feel despair if you can not master it perfectly. Use the following tips to make your drumming skill better:

Use your fingers and wrists

Make sure you use your fingers and wrists to produce a strong double stroke roll. There are various methods used to improve your finger control. You can grab the drumstick with all your fingers or try to roll practice by removing a few of your fingers from the drumstick.

For example, when you are practicing roll, remove the pinkie. Then in the next exercise, replace the finger. Try removing your ring finger and middle finger. After that, try removing the index finger and thumb and then using the other finger to grip the drum stick.
Then, you can train again with the right grip. That way, you can have great control when handling drumsticks. Besides, this exercise will also make you better understand the fingers when gripping drumsticks.

Practice in a variety of tempo, from the most dynamic to gentle. Practicing your punch with various levels will give you stronger control over the roll. So, your game will run smoothly and faster with lots of practice time.

Practicing Accent Punch

In a double stroke roll exercise, you can still practice accent punches to improve your roll. There are two choices, you can give a second stroke accent from a double stroke roll, or practice accent separate from a double stroke roll. Practicing accents will give you control over the drum stick, so you can produce a cleaner and stronger roll.

Practice a Flat and Consistent Punch

You can check a flat stroke by looking at the height of the drum stick. Make sure the distance from the drum head to the drumstick is the same for every shot. Because, if the first punch is harder than the second, your double stroke roll sounds uneven.
When the tempo of your game starts faster, naturally you will get a reflection of the snare drum during practice. But, you might not get that reflection on tom-tom. Your second hit on tom-toms becomes uneven. For that, you have to play a double stroke with your wrist movements as usual. You can also snap your fingers on the drum stick after the first stroke with your wrist.

Exercise Every Day

One of the keys to success in mastering this double stroke roll is exercise every day, at least 10 minutes. You will have a significant improvement if you exercise discipline within a few weeks. Don’t forget to use a metronome in every exercise you do.
You can use a metronome with a quarter note first and do two single blows with each hand. Increase speed as you can. Make sure you hit according to the tempo.
Later the faster your punch, you will get two reflections from each hand. Training at all of this tempo will produce a double stroke roll that is strong and more controlled.
Practice on all these different tempos by producing a strong and controlled roll.

Those are some tips that you can do to master the double stroke roll. To get maximum results, you must be disciplined in practicing. Don’t forget, make sure you choose a good and quality musical instrument.

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