Learning the Piano: Which Style Suits You Best?
Learning the Piano: Which Style Suits You Best?
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Learning the Piano: Which Style Suits You Best?

If you’re planning to take piano classes in Singapore, it’s important to know a few different styles of playing the piano beforehand. This will help you be a much more rounded pianist and even open up opportunities if you are considering a career in the music industry.

While there is the option of being able to play many different piano styles, you can choose a style that best suits your personality. So, before you plan to sign up for a piano class, here’s a better idea of the different piano styles that we are going to list down. Once you understand them completely, you will know which piano style you should go for.

4 Popular Piano Styles That Would Suit You Best

1. Classical Piano Style

Famous composers of the classical piano include Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach. Playing in the classical piano style refers to playing the acoustic piano.

Those who intend to join keyboard piano lessons for beginners will probably have to start by playing on an acoustic piano in a classic piano-style before moving on to different styles. As long as you have the basics etched in your mind, much more advanced classes will be a breeze.

The classical piano was much more popular a few years ago, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t a popular style today. Individuals have put their own personal twists on playing the classical piano and have turned it into a well sought-after style of playing again.

One artist that has made playing the classical piano cool again is Lady Gaga. With her elaborate costumes and energetic piano playing skills, she has amazed many audiences from all over the world.

2. Pop and Rock Piano Style

These days when we’re talking about rock and pop styles, what we’re referring to is letting students play scores from classical piano times and more modern times. From playing popular music with an electronic tone to incorporating upbeat tempos and modern rhythms to your piano playing style, there are many ways to turn yourself into a pop-rock legend because of this particular style pattern is always changing, so you are free to explore the sounds.

Artists like Lady Gaga, Elton John, and Alicia Keys have made a huge impact on the popularity of the Pop and Rock Piano Styles.

3. Jazz Piano Style

Playing in the Jazz piano style will derive from classic piano rhythms, melodies, and harmonies. It creates much more captivating melodic patterns and rhythmic styles. Associated with the jazz era’s swing, boogie-woogie, and the bee-bop.

Jazz piano has a chill and relaxed vibe. Different from classical piano style as it incorporates many different cultural music styles. Whereas the classical piano was mainly aimed at high-class Western cultures, Jazz piano styles brought Latin Americans, Europeans, African Americans, and Asians together.

If you’re one to groove as you hit the beat, jazz piano may be the one for you.

4. Liturgical Piano Style

Liturgical music refers to a style that is played at religious ceremonies and gatherings. This kind of piano style differs from religion to religion – from Jewish, Protestant to Catholic, and Christian.

This kind of style will help you accompany and guide individuals in their religious pursuit and prayer – creating a calm and spiritual ambiance during gatherings and ceremonies. Because of its wide range, pianists are still composing many different songs and music for religious services and performances.

With the many piano styles around, you have to do your part by exploring and researching to find out which style really suits you. If it means trying out the various styles, then it may be time to sign up for keyboard lessons for beginners in Singapore for a start.

Regardless of which piano style you choose – just make sure you choose one that you are truly passionate about.

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