Kyuhyun Concert in Singapore: All You Need to Know

Calling all ELFs and KYUpiters! The South Korean singing sensation and beloved member of the iconic K-pop group Super Junior – Kyuhyun – is set to have an exclusive concert for all ELFs in the heart of the Lion City.

The upcoming “RESTART” marks Kyuhyun’s first solo live concert in the city-state which makes it even more promising to attend and craft an unforgettable memory together with fellow KYUpiters.

As usual, we will provide you with any useful information to get you ready to watch Kyuhyun live.

Disclaimer: TMW is not affiliated with the Kyuhyun Concert, our purpose is to help provide the latest news about the show, any inquiries should go to the promoter site CK STAR ENTERTAINMENT.

Things to Know About Kyuhyun Concert in Singapore

1. The Concert Date (Latest Update)

The promoter – CK STAR ENTERTAINMENT – recently announced on their official platforms the concert date of KYUHYUN ASIA TOUR ‘Restart’ in Singapore is on 30th March 2024 at 8 PM (local time). This is a golden chance for ELFs who have been eagerly awaiting Kyuhyun’s solo return to craft a memorable experience.

kyuhyun concert date in singapore

2. The Concert Venue

To make the concert feel exclusive for ELFs, the promoter chose Singapore EXPO Hall 7 to host the Kyuhyun concert. It’s an indoor type of venue spread over 10 halls and designed by the renowned Cox Richardson Rayner from Australia. The Expo is located close to Changi Airport, making it highly accessible for international visitors.

kyuhyun concert venue at Singapore Expo

3. The Ticket Prices

CK STAR ENTERTAINMENT and TicketMaster have teamed up to provide the smoothest ticket-purchasing experience for KYUpiters. The general ticket sale for KYUHYUN ASIA TOUR ‘Restart’ in Singapore already started on 15th February 2024 based on several categories:

  • CAT 1: $258
  • CAT 2: $208
  • CAT 3: $168
  • CAT 4: $128

Make sure you purchase the ticket from the official website HERE.

Note: As of 20th March, the tickets are still available to purchase.

kyuhyun concert ticket prices in Singapore

4. The Concert Setlist

The concert is set to feature a unique blend of storytelling, where Kyuhyun will share insights into his musical journey, inspirations, and the stories behind his most beloved songs from his recent EP and singles. Let’s check out the concert setlist below.

Kyuhyun Restart Tour Setlist 2024

  1. Restart (Restart)
  2. Dreaming
  3. 밀리언조각 A Million Pieces
  4. Slow, Slowly (천천히, 느리게)
  5. Was It Love (사랑이었을까)
  6. 애월리 Aewol-ri
  7. 화려하지 않은 고백 Confession Is Not Flashy
  8. 그게 좋은거야 Time with you
  1. 깊은 밤을 날아서 Flying, Deep in the Night
  2. 투게더 Together
  3. 광화문에서 At Gwanghwamun
  4. 내 마음을 누르는 일 Daystar
  5. 마지막 날에 Moving On
  6. The Story Behind (그렇지 않아)
  7. Rainbow (Rainbow)
  8. Thanks To You (SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y.) (너여서 그래 (슈퍼주니어-K.R.Y.)

*The setlist is for reference only and based on the recent Kyuhyun 2024 setlist in Seoul

kyuhyun concert setlist in Singapore

5. The Transportation

The Singapore EXPO is strategically located in the eastern part of the city-state and very close to Changi International Airport, only 1 stop from Changi Airport MRT Station at Terminal 2 (approx. 10 minutes ride). There are several other routes to take should you wish to take other means of transportation starting from the city center.

  • MRT Train – Board the East West Line (Green Color) bound for Pasir Ris and disembark at Tanah Merah Station (EW13) then continue with another East West Line bound for Changi Airport, disembark at EXPO Station (EW4). Walk about 5 minutes toward the building.
  • Bus – Several bus routes are going to the stadium: Bus Service 12, 24, or 38.
  • Grab Car – There are two pick-up points for Grab Car: Foyer One and Foyer Two. Foyer Two is the closest to Expo Hall 7.

For your convenience, you can always follow Google Maps.


KYUpiters are you ready to ready to welcome Kyuhyu’s “Restart”?! This is a must-attend concert not only for K-pop enthusiasts but for anyone looking to experience an unforgettable loveable night as you sing along to “Restart”, “At the Moment”, “A Million Stars” and many more.

Stay tuned to this article because we will keep updating it with the recent news of the 2024 KYUHYUN ASIA TOUR ‘Restart’ in Singapore.

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