easy keyboard x-stand assembly tutorial

Keyboard X-Stand Assembly Guide

Keyboard X-Stand is an essential accessory for a portable keyboard or digital piano that can support the weight in a stable and safe position. The keyboard x-stand also supports height adjustment making it easier for beginners to find a suitable height level while in a practice session.

Keyboard X-Stand usually comes in two variants single-braced stand and double-braced stand. Both also have different weight limits, a single-braced x-stand is usually only for a keyboard up to 15 kg, while the double-braced x-stand can support a keyboard or digital piano up to 30 kg. We sell a reliable Double X-Stand for your keyboard or digital piano, check out this page: Keyboard X-Stand

However, sometimes beginners find it difficult to assemble the X-Stand by themselves due to the minimum experience and information. Rest assured, our team already prepared an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to assemble the keyboard x-stand. Read more below.

Keyboard X-Stand Assembly Step-By-Step

Step 1: Check the X-Stand Condition

Upon receiving the package, always check for any sign of defect/damage on the box or the X-Stand parts inside the box to make sure you received a proper X-Stand.

checking the package - keyboard stand assembly tutorial

Step 2: Identify the X-Stand Parts

Upon opening the package, there are several parts to know for building a proper X-Stand:

  • Two single or double-braced bars that are already joined.
  • Two Foot Bars with rubber pads attached.
  • Two Upper Bars (shorter than foot bars) with rubber pads.
  • Some screws (8) and an L-shaped screwdriver.
x-stand parts - keyboard stand assembly tutorial

Step 3: Start Building the X-Stand

Please follow these steps accordingly:

  1. Pull the center knob (height adjustment) to make the joined bars open and make an X shape so the bars can stand.
  2. Put the screws inside each hole of the Foot Bars and Upper Bars (total 8 screws).
  3. Place the Two Foot Bars on the joined bars’ edges then tighten the screws using the L-shaped screwdriver. Flip the stand so that the Foot Bars are on the ground.
  4. Do the same for the Two Upper Bars on the rest of joined bars’ edges, also tighten the screws using the L-shaped screwdriver.
  5. The Upper Bars’ rubber pads work as the keyboard holder, they are adjustable based on the size of the keyboard.
  6. The additional rubber strap can be ignored (some advanced keyboards have additional safety screws for this strap).

Step 4: Adjust the Height Level

Once the X-Stand is assembled, try to adjust the height level based on your preference. Normally, there are 3 up to 7 levels of height adjustment by pulling the center knob. We suggest choosing the level that you are comfortable with, especially, for a beginner’s practice routine.

adjust the height level - keyboard stand assembly tutorial

Bonus: Tutorial Video

To make it even more easier to understand we have prepared a video tutorial on how to set up the X-Stand properly. You can just follow the video instruction, guaranteed you are building it in no time.


There you have it, quite easy to build right?! Always remember to do the assembly on an even ground because sometimes people forgot about this which ended the X-Stand become unsteady.

If somehow you don’t have time to do the assembly by yourself, don’t worry our professional team can build it for you for a small service fee. Fill in the form below and we will get back to you soon.

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