Jabez and Genesis Guitars Press Release

Jabez and Genesis Guitars Press Release

Affordable and Good Quality Guitars for Everyone

Hi guitar and ukulele enthusiasts in Singapore, TMW proudly introduces our new lineup of guitars from Jabez that will definitely live up to your expectation of guitars with great sound, playability, and looks without breaking the bank. Jabez sub-brand, Genesis, is the starter range of Jabez guitars designed for beginners, at a more affordable price with uncompromised quality.

Our vision in Jabez Guitars is to bring a variety of guitars and ukuleles built to cater to musicians of all levels at unbeatable prices. From Acoustic to Acoustic-Electric, Ukulele, and Classical variants, each model was built from a musician’s perspective on tone, comfort, playability, size, and aesthetics. Let’s find out more about the models.

Jabez Guitars

Acoustic Guitars

Jabez JGA-250MV/JGA-250MVE

The JGA-250MV, a full-size grand auditorium body with a Venetian cutaway and bone nut and saddles is an all mahogany guitar with stunning looks and warm, mellow tones. The JGA-250MVE is the stage-ready acoustic-electric variant, with a built-in tuner and 3-band eq.

Jabez JDR-500SV/JDR-500SVE

Jabez JDR-500SV dreadnought type guitar with cutaway is designed to suit beginner to advanced players when it comes to sound and playability. The combination of spruce top and poplar back and sides gives you a unique bright tone that is suitable for diverse playing styles. The JDR-500SVE is the stage-ready acoustic-electric variant, with a built-in tuner and 3-band eq.

Jabez JGA-600SV/JGA-600SVE

The Jabez JGA-600SV boasts a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides in a grand auditorium body with a unique cutaway for great looks and a balanced bright tone. It features a ‘zero fret’ which reduces nut friction at the right intonation and allows the strings to vibrate freely. The JGA-600SVE is the stage-ready acoustic-electric variant, with a built-in tuner and 3-band eq.

Classical Guitars

Jabez JCL-404S

The JCL-404S is a full-sized classical guitar with a spruce top and rosewood back and sides, one of the most sought-after tonewood combinations. In addition to the guitar’s beautiful natural gloss finish, it sports bone nuts and saddles for greater string resonance.

Jabez JCL-704C

The JCL-704C boasts a solid cedar top, solid rosewood back and sides, gold hardware, and bone nut and saddles for exquisite looks and tone that sings. With its astonishing natural gloss finish and thin neck profile for great playability, it’s a perfect classical guitar for guitarists of all levels including professionals.

Genesis Guitars

Acoustic Guitars

Genesis GMG-100V

Genesis GMG-100V is one of the most affordable acoustic guitars in the Singapore market today. Highlights the small body with a Venetian cutaway and mahogany neck that is comfortable for beginners to play with.

Genesis GMG-300M

The Genesis GMG-300M is a smaller size guitar or a travel guitar. At ¾ size with a sapele top, back and sides and mahogany neck combines comfort and warm mellow sound suitable for strum-and-sing on the go.

Classical Guitars

Genesis GCL-204S/GCL-204SE

For a starter classical guitarist, the GCL-204S highlights a full-size traditional classical body with a standard spruce top and poplar back and sides ideal for beginners. The GCL-204SE is the stage-ready classical-electric variant, with a built-in tuner and 3-band eq.


Genesis GSU-102

The Genesis GSU-102 Soprano Ukulele is designed to introduce a beginner of any age into the world of ukulele. Easy to use, lightweight, and the most affordable in its class, GSU-102 will be a perfect gift for your child or an aspiring ukulele player. Comes in four vibrant colors.

Genesis GSU-302S

The GSU-302S Soprano Ukulele is for beginner and intermediate ukulele players who want both function and portability. With 15 frets (a standard soprano ukulele only has 12 frets), a spruce top, and Sapele back and sides, the GSU-302S is capable of producing bright tones and extended range notes suitable for both strumming and finger-picking.

Everyone Can Play the Guitar Now!

We believe that having a good instrument is a motivating factor for anyone to play music more. With Jabez; and its sub-brand Genesis; Guitars’ diverse guitar lineup, there is a guitar/ukulele that can suit your taste, no matter what type of music you are into.

Want to know in-depth about Jabez and Genesis guitars? You can chat with us directly or fill in the form below, and our expert will reach out to you soon.

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