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How to Hit a Snare – Many Ways to Get a Good Snare Sound

Snare drum can be said is the most vital part of the drum set. Therefore, it becomes very essential for a drummer to master the snare drum technique well, so that it produces a firmer sound compared to another part of the drum. Various snare hitting techniques can be applied and presumably must be mastered by a professional drummer. We will share a few snare drum hitting techniques.

General Punch Techniques

The first snare drum hitting technique is known as the general punch technique. The technique is done by hitting the snare drum using the right and left hand alternately.

Open Rim-Shot Technique

The next technique to hit the snare drum is Open Rim-Shot. This technique can be done by hitting the snare drum lip (ring snare drum), not the snare drum membrane. To be able to perform this Open Rim-Shot technique, a quarter of the stick must be positioned past the lip from the snare drum.

Close Rim-Shot Technique

Close Rim-Shot is the next snare drum technique you need to know. This Close Rim-Shot technique can be done by hitting the snare drum by positioning the drum stick flat with the snare drum.

Stick on Stick Technique

As the name implies, Stick on Stick is a snare hitting technique that uses a stick to produce sound, with the snare drum as its media. This technique can be applied by placing the end of the stick on the left hand over the snare drum. Next, hit the stick on the right hand crossed to the stick on the left hand and then slide it towards the end of the stick on the left hand.

Open Stick Technique

The Open Stick itself can be explained as a blow with a crossed stick position. To apply this technique, you can do this by hitting each other in the right hand with the stick in the left-hand crossing.

Tips on How to Get a Good Snare Sound

For those of you who are learning how to hit the snare drum, here are some tips you can try so you can learn more effectively:

  • First, adjust the batter head tension. Tighten all of the batter head tension rods while hitting the drum head right beside each lug to match the pitches
  • Second, get the most comfortable sitting position when you play drums.
  • Third, hold the stick using your left hand and then stick it straight up until it hits the lip of the snare drum.
  • Fourth, continue by raising your left hand and then swinging it at the snare. In this part, make sure you hit with a stick position that is straight between mica and also snare lips (ring snare)
  • Fifth, repeat the four steps mentioned previously for how many times and then compare it to when you hit the snare using only the end of the stick. For those of you who are beginners at playing drums, we also suggest that you also master how to hold a drum stick, so that it makes it easier for you to beat the snare drum. You can choose for yourself the way you want, matched on how you want to play it.

After a few weeks, you’ll be comfortable enough to move onto other rock rhythms whether you’re teaching yourself or working with a drum tutor.

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