How To Find Out If Your Child Is Cut Out For Drumming
How To Find Out If Your Child Is Cut Out For Drumming
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How To Find Out If Your Child Is Cut Out For Drumming

Has your child started showing an interest in learning drums?

Then it is about time that you considered the signs and enrol them into a class where they can start with beginner drum lessons, enhance their drumming skills and further develop their unique taste for music!

Here are some of the signs that you should look out for in your child before enrolling them for basic drum lessons in Singapore.

Stick holding capacity

It is common for children in their early years to get frustrated while bearing drum sticks.

Some children might feel that the drum sticks could be too long for them to handle and might prove a detriment to them when they start their basic drum lessons.

If you feel that the drum sticks are slightly too large for your child – you could consider switching to hand percussion.

Rhythmic ability

Do you find that your child is able to maintain rhythm when they dance or play songs?

If so, your child should have the capability to maintain the same essential rhythmic ability that is necessary for them to learn an instrument.

There are several drum lessons for kids in which your child can join and further develop their skills.

Basic counting knowledge

Basic counting knowledge is essential for children to learn how to play the drums.

In order to understand drum notation, it is crucial for your kids to take beginner drum lessons. If your child is able to develop basic counting and timing while playing the drums, then it is time you considered putting them to proper drum classes.

Daily routine practice

Routine practice is crucial to picking up and learning any instrument.

If your child has enough time to devote learning this instrument, then you would see positive results. Instead of forcing them to learn, it is best to figure out if they are interested in it first.

Maturity to commit

For a student to be mature enough to start their beginner drum lessons, they would need to commit to the instrument for an extended time so that they can develop the skills with each passing stage. Once your child has decided to start their basic drum lessons in Singapore, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to make their journey successful:

  • Make sure that the drums and drum sticks are perfect for their size, and they can get hold of them easily
  • Get an appropriately sized drum throne and make sure that it has a comfortable height and reach for the child to sit easily
  • Start with the basics and let your child develop his pace instead of forcing them to learn fast
  • Use practice pads that have low volume cymbals so that the sound levels are manageable around quiet places
  • Ear protection is necessary when your kid is playing the drums as they will be exposed to different levels of sounds
  • Let your child learn in groups to increase their excitement in learning. Several schools offer excellent learning opportunities for kids, and you should seek to enrol them into one

Now that you know of these said signs – you can recognise whether it’s time for you to enrol your child or not! But don’t fret – there’s nothing wrong with picking up drumming even if you don’t have these signs; just go for it and try it out!

After all, who knows? You may just have the knack for it after a couple of lessons!

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