Signs to Change Your Guitar Strings Now

Guitar Care: How Often Should You Change Your Strings

If you own a guitar, strumming it, learning new songs, or performing on stage are probably the only things on your mind. However, for you to play a song to its full potential with a guitar – it should be in its best shape. Among all the different parts of a guitar – the strings are one of the essential parts you have to look after.

So, when is the best time to change the guitar strings to improve its performance?

While there is no specific answer to this, some people are known to change the strings more often in comparison to others. In the end, personal preference is something that comes into play while deciding when you should change the strings of your guitar!

But when it comes to poor performance as a result of tattered guitar parts; there are different contributing factors to look out for. Keep reading on and we’ll tell you about them!

5 Reasons to Change Your Guitar Strings Now

1. Frequency of Use

The frequency of using the guitar is an important consideration you should make while changing the strings of the instrument. If you are used to playing your instrument for around two hours per day, you can consider changing the strings at least once a month!

However, if you tend to play the guitar less often – like some hours per week, you would like to change the strings every 6 to 8 weeks. Moreover, if you rarely play the instrument, the strings can be changed once every three months. However, that doesn’t mean your strings won’t wear out as long as you play it less – corrosion still has an impact on your strings. Noticeable damage will even be visible on the strings at the start of 1 to 2 weeks or 5 to 10 hours of practice.

Especially, if you’re planning to take up an acoustic guitar course for beginners to grasp the fundamentals – you should know that you need to change them even more often. Why? Practice makes perfect, of course! You will want to keep working on your guitar to perfect that song you have been wanting to play to your friend or family.

reasons to change your guitar strings - frequency of use
reasons to change your guitar strings - sound quality

2. Sound Quality

The preference of your sound from the guitar is yet another factor that decides your frequency of changing the guitar strings. If you love the fresh stings and bright sound, then you’ll change your guitar strings more often than usual.

Meanwhile, if you dig the ‘dull’ sound and “played in” strings, feel free to leave your strings on for a longer period of time! They’re going to sound pretty fantastic when used in the right type of song. Just make sure to not leave your strings in that condition for too long – they’ll eventually break when overused.

3. Tuning and Performance

If you’re not one to remember the number of times you’ve played your guitar, neither are you very observant in noticing the change of sound in your guitar – tuning might do the trick instead. Once you are finding it difficult to tune the guitar properly, or if you are facing issues with executing certain tunes on your instrument like bending or sliding – it’s about time you change the guitar strings!

reasons to change your guitar strings - tuning and performance
reasons to change your guitar strings - habit

4. A Force of Habit

Sometimes when you just feel like it, just change the strings because no harm in doing it also, not only it could give you a better playing experience but also could pump up the mood. After all, playing guitar is all about connecting your feeling to create a beautiful sound that can amplify your mood.

5. Cost-Wise

The final factor that you need to consider for changing the strings is the overall budget. How affordable is it for you to change the strings quite often? Are you able to try out other types of strings without breaking the bank?

When you’ve calculated and strategically considered any other options, your budget will always be one of the key roles to decide when is the best time to change the guitar strings.

reasons to change your guitar strings - cost-wise

Simple Tips to Maintain The Guitar Strings Properly

Once you are done with your guitar session, do you simply put it down or do you prefer wiping the strings after playing? While your strings’ condition will deteriorate over time, you still have a part to play in keeping them in their best condition! In other words, you need to invest time in caring for your guitar after you use it.

There really isn’t any need for commercial string cleaners – you probably only need a damp and clean cloth to wipe off the guitar strings. This will help your strings to last longer so you don’t have to change your strings too often!

If you are a guitar fanatic, it is high time you should know how often you should change the guitar strings. On the other hand, if you’re just getting the hang of it as you’re attending guitar lessons for beginners – don’t worry, this is a great start to proper guitar care!

If you still need more tips on how to maintain your guitar strings or choose the best strings replacement, please fill free to reach us via the form below.

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