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Kinder Beat

Exposing music to children from an early age is believed to give great benefits to their growth from motoric skills to intellectual, and social-emotional.

The award-winning Kinder Beat music courses (established by the Australian music program: Encore Music Education) are a group class specifically designed for children from 2-5 years old ages. Kinder Beat focuses on learning a variety kind of musical instrument sounds as well as developing skills in playing, improvising, harmonizing, listening, understanding, and reading anything related to music.

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Kinder Beat Courses Content

Music Box Magic (2-3 Years Old)

Music Box Magic is the first level of the Kinder Beat music course series that is suitable for kids 2-3 years old. This course focuses on activities that kids need for cognitive growth and accelerated learning through music play experiences.

  • Rhythm, beat, pulse, and meter
  • Musical games and improvisation
  • Singing songs, rhymes, and solfa/solfege
  • Movement, dance, and gesture
  • Listening, reflecting, and responding
  • And more
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Percussion Play (3-4 Years Old)

Percussion Play is the second installment of the kinder beat music course series that is suitable for kids 3-4 years old. Advancing from the Music Box Magic curriculum, Children will develop rhythm and ensemble skills through movement activities, gestures, and body percussion using percussion instruments.

  • Body percussion
  • Movement, dance, and gesture
  • Percussion playing – tuned and untuned
  • Story-telling and mime
  • Coordinating with a range of props
  • Ensemble playing
  • And more

Piano Prep (4-5 Years Old)

Piano Prep is the third level of the kinder beat music course series that is suitable for kids 4-5 years old. The main focus of this course is to introduce the kids to the piano/keyboard instrument. Therefore, the curriculum is circulating about the excitement of playing the instrument.

  • Keyboard orientation, exploration, and playing
  • Exploring clusters, glissandi, and other musical units
  • Strong rhythmic focus and foundation
  • Musicianship development through songs, rhymes, and percussion playing
  • Piano improvisation and ensemble playing
  • Reading of rhythm, pitch, and graphic notation
  • And more
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