TMW Music School Withdrawal Form

Dear parents and students, thank you very much for choosing TMW as your reliable music school to learn musical instruments. We understand that there might be reasons for you to withdraw from the lesson we sincerely wish you the best and look forward to your achievement in music.

Please fill in the form below to complete your withdrawal process and once again thank you very much.

Withdrawal Form

Please fill-in the form correctly

Put "NA" if you are the student
Please choose one
As in the account for us to do the transfer
Please input the information correctly for us to post the Cheque
1) One month's notice is to be given within the current term, otherwise deposit will be forfeited. Please note that our term is every 3 months: Term 1 (Jan-Mar), Term 2 (April-June), Term 3 (July-Sept), Term 4 (Oct-Dec).

2) Proration of fees is not applicable, students have to complete the current term before they are entitled to their deposit.

3) At least one month processing time from the last day of lesson is needed for the refund of deposit through PAYNOW.

4) Refund cheque will be posted by normal Singpost mail within the 1 month period after the last day of lesson.

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