Coldplay concert in Singapore all you need to know

Coldplay Concert in Singapore: All You Need to Know

Coldplay is coming to Singapore sooner than Taylor Swift’s Concert, and we are super excited; we bet you are too, right?! Yes, Coldplay: Music of The World Tour will be making another run; after the spectacular sell-out success during November 2023 Asia/Australia shows; for six days in Singapore – 23, 24, 26, 27, 30, and 31 January 2024.

Of course, the excitement to see a live performance of one of the biggest British bands in the world has been pumping out not only here in Singapore but across the entire Southeast Asia region. Fellow Coldplayers from neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, and even the Philippines have been going wild to secure a ticket soon.

With such a huge band like Coldplay having a concert for six days, you’ve got to make a list of preparation on what things you should know firsthand before getting wild in the crowd. Rest assured; we have prepared the list for you to take note of below.

Things to Know about Coldplay Concert in Singapore

1. The Concert Date (Latest Update)

Initially, Coldplay’s Music Of The Spheres World Tour concert is only a four-night show from 23-27 January 2024. However, the band and promotor decided to extend another two-night show due to the high demand of Southeast Asian fans, making it a total of six nights of the band’s live performance; the first week starting from 23, 24, 26, and 27 January, and the second week starting from 30 to 31 January 2024 – each show will start at 20:00 local time.

coldplay concert dates in singapore updated

2. The Concert Venue

Our much-loved National Stadium is once again trusted to hold this grand event. Besides Coldplay in January, Taylor Swift is also confirmed to make a spectacular performance at the home of our National Football team – The Lions – in March 2024. With up to 55,000 spectator seats, make sure you understand more about the stadium layout, so you can get the best seat and view of the show.

coldplay concert venue at Singapore national stadium

3. The Ticket Prices (Latest Update)

Confirmed by Live Nation and Ticketmaster websites, Coldplay ticket concert in Singapore 2024 are SOLD OUT for all dates (23, 24, 26, 27, 30, and 31 January 2024) and even the Infinity Tickets. Congratulations to everyone who managed to reserve the ticket and see you soon at National Stadium.

Coldplay ticket concert will be available on Pre-sales on 19th June 2023 and the general sales on the following day (20th June) with a starting price of SGD68 to SGD298. The last time the British band performed in Singapore was back in 2017 for a two-night show at the same National Stadium, scoring over 100,000 tickets sold. You’ve got to prepare for a “Ticket War” because one participant can only purchase two tickets and it’s based on waiting list order. You can sign up for the waiting list HERE.

coldplay concert in Singapore ticket prices

4. The Concert Setlist

The multi-record breaker band that was formed in 1998 has a total of nine studio albums that have received so many awards – the most is the Grammy Awards. With a total of six days of concert, Coldplayers will get the chance to see most of their popular songs performed live. To get you prepared, here’s the setlist that you must practice so you can sing along during the concert.

Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres Setlist

  1. Higher Power
  2. Adventure of a Lifetime
  3. Paradise
  4. Charlie Brown
  5. The Scientist (with excerpts of Oceans)
  6. Viva La Vida
  7. Hymn for the Weekend
  8. Let Somebody Go (with vocals from H.E.R)
  9. Politik
  10. In My Place
  11. Yellow
  12. Human Heart
  1. People of the Pride
  2. Clocks
  3. Infinity Sign (with excerpts of Music of the Spheres and Every Teardrop is a Waterfall)
  4. Something Just Like This (shortened)
  5. Midnight
  6. My Universe (feat. BTS)
  7. A Sky Full Of Stars
  8. Sparks
  9. Humankind
  10. Fix You (with excerpts of Midnight)
  11. Biutyful
  12. More coming
coldplay music of the spheres world tour setlist

5. The Dress Code

It’s one of the biggest rock band concerts in the world and at a spectacular venue, so you have got to make sure to wear the best outfit possible that matches the theme. Something light like a T-Shirt, Crop Top, Jeans, and Skirt will be a very good option for you. Also, play around with the accessories to stand out in the crowd.

To take note, in January, Singapore tends to have more rain intensity (it’s near the end of the Rainy season). Therefore, better to prepare a Sweater or Jacket to shield from the chill air.

coldplay concert outfit

6. The Transportation

The Singapore National Stadium will once again be hosting a grand event at the beginning of the new year. Therefore, for non-Singaporeans or a first-timer visiting our country, getting to the venue might be quite confusing. Rest assured; we have selected the best and fastest ways and routes for you to take

  • MRT Train – Board the Circle Line (Yellow Color) and disembark at Stadium MRT Station (CC6).
  • Bus – Several bus routes are going to the stadium: Bus Service 11, 10, 14, 16, 70, 70M, or 196.
  • Grab Car – There are two pick-up points for Grab Car: Pick-Up Point A is on the North side of the National Stadium, and Pick-Up Point B is on the East side of the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

For your convenience, you can always follow Google Maps.

7. The Gear

It’s common for fans to know more about all of the things that their idols prefer, especially the gear they use during live performances hoping that they can follow it. The Coldplay members have a particular gear they always use during their performances, and the lead singer and songwriter’s gear – Chris Martin – is often searched by the fans. Let’s take a look at some of the gear he usually uses:

  • Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar – Chris Martin uses this during a live performance at David Letterman’s show
  • Takamine EN15 Acoustic Guitar – In the Shiver music video, Chris can be seen playing it
  • Gibson J-200 Electric Guitar – Seen during the Toronto concert in 2006
  • Fender Classic Series ’72 Telecaster Deluxe Electric Guitar – Used during the Unstagged performance
  • Yamaha CP-70 Electric Grand Piano – Possibly one of the instruments we often see during his performance
  • Casio SA-76 Mini Keyboard – During carpool karaoke of Super Bowl 50 halftime show with James Corden
  • Yamaha DYUS1E3 Upright Piano – During SXSW 2014 concert

Now you know Chris Martin’s favorite gear, possibly it’s time for you to start doing some research and own one of them to motivate yourself to write a hit song. For a starter, you can start with the Martin acoustic guitar because Chris seems to play so much with this brand.

chris martin gear
Photo courtesy Alberto Ferrero | Wikimedia

8. The Companion

It’s a rock band concert and possibly one of the biggest shows ever in Singapore for the upcoming year 2024. Definitely, you need the whole squad to join the hype. Get together and brings your friends, lover, families, and even your old schoolmates to sing along to the Yellow, Viva La Vida, Fix You, The Scientist, and more with the one and only Coldplay as the conductor. It’s all about fun times and happy faces in a concert.

watching coldplay concert with friends


Now you are ready to enjoy the groove of the Coldplay Music Of The Spheres World Tour in Singapore to the fullest, but as always, remember to follow any rules and regulations set by the promotor during the show and the country itself because you are there to have fun and create memories.

We will keep this article updated on the latest news of Coldplay’s concert in Singapore.

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