CNY gift ideas for the whole family

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

The annual celebration of happiness for the Chinese community – Lunar New Year – is just around the corner. However, amidst the red lanterns and celebratory feasts, there’s one question that echoes in every mind: “What do I get for my family?”

The gift itself is just another part of the celebration to express your love and appreciation, the main focus of CNY is always the joy of togetherness as a family.

To help bring smiles to each of the family members’ faces and strengthen the ties to welcome the Year of the Dragon, we bring a treasure trove of CNY gift ideas guaranteed to warm every heart, from playful elders to tech-savvy youngsters.

For the Foodie

1. CNY-themed Hampers

Guaranteed everyone loves a delicious set of delicacies, exotic teas, premium chocolates, and an array of delectable snacks to celebrate the CNY together. Exchanging hampers among family members is one of the common things to do during the celebration which often generates a warm and full of laughter atmosphere.

cny gift ideas hamper

2. DIY Hot Pot Kit

For the foodie who loves to be creative, the DIY Hot Pot Kit that includes a variety of broths, premium meats, fresh vegetables, and dipping sauces will be a perfect gift which also creates an interactive dining experience for the whole family.

cny gift ideas diy got pot kit

3. Chinese Cuisine Cooking Class

Learning about the cultural roots can create a memorable journey, especially if your loved ones are passionate about Chinese cuisine. Reserve a spot in a Chinese cooking class with a skilled chef to get hands-on experience in crafting traditional dishes. This gift not only provides you with a new skill but also savor the joy of cooking.

cny gift ideas chinese cuisine cooking class

For the Music-Lovers

1. Concert Ticket of Chinese International Artists

Did you know that MayDay band, the renowned rock band from Taiwan, just recently had a two-night concert at the National Stadium Singapore? Yes, for the Chinese music enthusiasts being part of the concert will bring joy to their lives. That’s why a concert ticket for the upcoming Chinese international artists as a CNY gift will bring a smile to their faces.

mayday band equipments

2. Chinese Music Lesson or Workshop

If you notice that one of your family members has an interest in a certain musical instrument, it would bring them joy if you present them with a Music Lesson or Workshop experience, especially in Chinese-themed music. For example, recently our Music School had a short-term Chinese Keyboard Worship Workshop that received a warm welcome from the community. To learn more about our Themed Music Programmes, please check HERE.

praise and worship keyboard piano lessons in singapore

3. Personalized Instrument Accessories

Every musician would love to play the instrument with their signature style which usually can be achieved by personalizing the instrument accessories. You can try to delight them with handcrafted picks for their guitar, a personalized print of leather guitar strap, or a premium set of drumsticks with their signature printed. To give them more joy, consider upgrading their musical instrument to the latest model, you can find it here – Musical Instruments Shop.

cny gift ideas personalized instrument accessories

For the Tech-Savvy

1. Fitness Wearables

It’s a New Year so it’s time to embrace it with a healthy lifestyle starting with the workout routine. Gifts like smartwatches and fitness trackers provide monitoring of daily activities, workout insights, and offer mindfulness exercises that help to encourage your loved ones to embark on a journey of health and well-being.

cny gift ideas smartwatch

2. Music Streaming Membership

Possibly the parents want to experience nostalgic moments by reminiscing traditional Chinese music, then a Music Streaming membership will be a good choice for their gift this CNY. With just a single click, they can listen to an abundance of their favorite traditional Chinese music from any generation.

cny gift ideas music streaming membership

3. Smart Home Harmony

Let’s kickstart the Year of the Dragon by redeveloping your loved ones’ living space to become a cozy smart haven. The convenience of utilizing smart home devices will be a perfect gift for the tech-savvy. Voice-activated assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home with an addition of smart lighting systems, or intelligent thermostats definitely bring them joy.

cny gift ideas smart home devices


This Lunar New Year, let’s celebrate togetherness and create lasting memories with your family. From shared experiences during family game nights to personalized gifts that symbolize the unity, love, and joy that define your family. Always remember, the perfect CNY gifts are those that bring everyone together. Wishing you a prosperous and joyous Year of the Dragon!

Feel free to reach us if you have any inquiries regarding musical instruments and music lessons.

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