7 Digital Piano Maintenance Tips For Beginners

Care Guide: Digital Piano Maintenance Tips For Beginners

After researching the best digital pianos to buy on the market for beginners and then purchasing one, your next step is to keep up with the proper maintenance and care for your digital piano.

After all, it would be wise to avoid causing potential damage to an instrument that costs thousands of dollars with some simple precautionary steps. Because based on our experience, repairing a broken digital piano could cost up to the same amount that you’ve paid for the instrument.

Rest assured, in this guide, we share some essential do’s and don’ts of the correct way to maintain your digital piano to ensure you enjoy plenty of happy years with your new instrument!

7 Essentials Digital Piano Maintenance Tips

unplug your digital piano from electric socket

Do unplug your digital piano before cleaning

It’s a mandatory and obviously first thing to do because a digital piano is an electronic instrument that requires power to play, and as with any electronic device, it does not mix well with water and cleaning solutions.

Not only are you keeping your digital piano safe, but you are also keeping yourself safe from a potential electric shock! Speaking of electronic care, it is vital that you switch the piano off and remove the plug when you are done playing, as it might be unsafe to leave it on for long periods.

wash hand before playing a digital piano

Don’t forget to clean your hands before playing

This is a relatively small thing that is often overlooked, washing your hands can make a big difference in the overall cleanliness of your digital piano. Just like how you would wash your hands to protect yourself from diseases, you should also wash your hands prior to practicing on the digital piano to keep it away from germs, oil, dirt, and crumbs because a small crumb that manages to get itself stuck in the key mechanism is enough to cause expensive repairs later.

digital piano dust cover

Do invest in a good digital piano dust cover

When it comes to storing your digital piano, there is no doubt that it is easy to accumulate dust wherever you may place your instrument – especially if you have pets in your home. Protecting the buttons and keys on top of the piano is just as essential for a long digital piano life, therefore, investing in a good dust cover would be beneficial for your digital piano. When purchasing a dust cover, a helpful tip is to find one that matches the number of keys on your instrument, if you are looking for a good dust cover for an 88-key digital piano, this one could be your reference: 88-Key Dust Cover.

don't drink or eat near a digital piano

Don’t drink or eat near your digital piano

It can be surprising how often you might forget that the digital piano is an electronic device that works the same way as any other smartphone or laptop. Therefore, drinks and food should never be placed near the instrument to avoid any accidents like a drink spilled on the digital piano which will be causing a major repair.

digital piano placement

Do be aware of where you place your digital piano

The location in which you place your digital piano is crucial to ensure its safety. That said, do avoid placing your digital instrument near an area with the potentiality of falling objects – like a shelf.

Many objects around the home are potential hazards – the book on the shelf next to your precious instrument could fall on the piano and damage the keys, the heavy pot of plants could come tumbling down, or the glass candle holder may break and shatter on your digital piano.

While the probability of these things is low, it is best to steer clear of them happening altogether. However, if you do not have much choice, you might want to remove any heavy items that could damage the digital piano should they fall.

don't place a digital piano near a window

Don’t place your digital piano near an open window

The day you did not manage to close the window on time could be when your digital piano gets damaged from a heavy rainstorm; it is not worth the money to take these chances! If anything, a wet digital piano only leads to costly servicing.

Additionally, a reason to avoid windows altogether is due to long periods of exposure to direct sunlight. Not only it will weaken the plastic parts of the piano, such as the keys, but it is also responsible for damaging the electronics inside.

arrange the cables neatly

Do arrange the cables neatly

Arranging the power cords and cables neatly will deter the occurrence of problems that may arise in the future, such as accidentally knocking the digital piano over. While MIDI/USB connections are relatively solid, a foot caught in the cables can potentially break a USB port when there is a force applied. Hence, take the time to have your cables well-arranged to avoid unnecessary repairs.


When it comes to digital piano maintenance, careful planning and prevention are the keys to years of enjoyment as well as use. Thus, secure your investment by protecting your digital piano from any damage in the making.

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