top 5 Best Portable Keyboard Pianos for Beginners in Singapore

Top 5 Best Portable Keyboard Pianos for Beginners in March 2024 (Updated)

A portable keyboard piano is considered by many musicians as the best instrument for a beginner to start their journey in the musical world then climb their way as a pianist. Also, according to recent report, a portable keyboard piano is still one of the popular choices for Singaporean parents in March 2024.

Some factors that make the portable digital keyboard really popular in Singapore are the portability, features, prices, flexibility, and models. Not to mention that they usually come in a sophisticated and customized design such as a themed color which can be a nice addition to the living room furniture.

With these many advantages, sometimes it confuses a beginner or a parent to choose the right one to purchase. Is it best to select the most expensive one? Or with the gazillion advanced features? Rest assured, our team at TMW has been in the electronic keyboard piano industry for more than 10 years and is willing to share some of our expertise for your consideration. Let’s check out the complete list below.

5 Recommended Portable Keyboard Pianos in March 2024

1. Casio CT-S1 Portable Keyboard Piano ($299)

Let’s start with the most popular digital keyboard in Singapore, Casio CT-S1 which comes in 3 colors: Black, Red, and White.

Many of our customers (mostly parents) love this 61 keys keyboard not only because it comes at an affordable price range but also the many easy-to-use features that can help their children to improve their talent in playing music. Featuring Casio’s iconic AiX sound source that produces 64 high-quality tones including acoustic piano, electric piano, and organ. With an additional Bluetooth dongle, Casio CT-S1 can connect seamlessly with your smartphones to stream music via its built-in speakers or use the Chordana Play app for learning purposes.

As mentioned above, three colors are available (Red, White, and Black) on a slim body that will not take up too much space in your living or kid’s room. Most importantly, with the price range starting from S$299 (PROMO), you are getting a great bargain on an advanced keyboard piano.

2. Casio LK-S450 Portable Electronic Piano ($438)

Casio keyboard has gained much popularity in Singapore for the past few years and the LK-S450 is one of the much-loved portable keyboards by beginners.

The feature that makes Casio LK-S450 stand out is the lighting keyboard. Yes, the 61 keys with touch response are all lighted up to make it easier for young beginners to recognize each note. Then, with a total of 600 instrument sounds generated from AiX Sound Source and 200 rhythms, you can play any music from any genre.

Much like its sibling “CT-S1”, LK-S450 is also equipped with a USB port that can be attached with an additional Bluetooth dongle. This feature allows you to seamlessly connect your smartphone for a practice session using the Chordana Play app or just casually stream music via its built-in speakers.

Casio LK-S450 is highly portable because not only it can run using batteries but also you can use a designated strap and play it while carrying it around like a guitar.

It’s a highly affordable keyboard piano with a price tag starting from 438 SGD (PROMO), also you can get more value deals with the bundling items.

3. Yamaha EZ-300 Portable Electronic Keyboard ($439)

Of course, the Yamaha keyboard is included because they are one of the most popular keyboard brands in the world, and Yamaha EZ-300 is definitely a must-have for a beginner.

Casio is not the only brand that has lighting keyboard notes. Yes, Yamaha EZ-300 keynotes are also lit up with bright red color for practice purposes. Once you have adapted to each note placement, a total of 622 instrument sounds are ready for them to play with along with 205 styles to start grooving right away. Also, 202 built-in demos and popular songs are installed to help them learn to play the keyboard by following the songs.

Comes in a silver-white color and portable design that can add aesthetic value to your home. The price tag is starting from S$439 (PROMO), and you will get many features to play with that can help beginners to improve faster.

4. Roland GO:PIANO61 Portable Keyboard Piano ($479)

Roland has been widely known as the manufacturer of high-quality musical instruments and when it comes to the portable keyboard, they take it to the next level by combining the digital keyboard and electric piano features in Roland GO:PIANO61.

As the name says, Roland GO:PIANO61 is circulated in the piano area which means the 61 keys are supported with a touch-sensitive feature, something you will find mostly in a digital piano. Then, 40 high-quality tones; including acoustic piano, electric piano, organs, and other instruments; are designed to be very responsive to any style of playing.

In the learning department, the Bluetooth function is really helpful because you can seamlessly connect your smartphone to use the Roland Piano Partner 2 app or just stream your favorite song via its built-in speakers. Not to mention its portability which can be operated with 6x AA-type batteries.

Compact design and an affordable price tag starting from S$479, you are getting a great deal on this one.

5. Korg EK-50 Portable Keyboard Piano ($640)

Korg always has a place in every keyboardist in their keyboard piano category, especially the one with the arranger feature, and Korg EK-50 happens to be one of the favorite models in Singapore for beginner and advanced players.

Korg EK-50 is all about entertaining, that’s why the auto-accompaniment feature with over 280 musical genres was built to help you play along with the music. The 61 keynotes are supported with velocity sensitivity and touch controls, allowing everyone to play the keys at their preferred level. Over 702 high-quality instrument sounds generated by Korg’s iconic Stereo PCM engine are ready for you to explore and delivered to the audience in high-definition with a pair of built-in speakers. Additionally, with the LCD display, navigation becomes much easier.

Once your skill has advanced, start creating your own music with the arranger feature in a real-time recording sequencer. Not to mention it can run with 6x AA type of batteries with approximately 7 hours of playing time.

With so many features for beginner and advanced players, the price tag is still affordable starting from S$640.


Never forget that no matter which model of keyboard piano you’ve chosen it still takes time, diligence, and hard work to develop your keyboard skill but we do believe that everyone can achieve it. Hopefully, our recommendations above can minimize the confusion when choosing the right keyboard piano for a beginner. Please don’t hesitate to message us if you require an assistant in choosing them.

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