Best Keyboard Pianos for Beginners under $500

Top 5 Best Electronic Keyboards for Beginners Under $500 in March 2023 (Updated)

Want to learn to play a keyboard piano but hesitate to purchase one due to the budget-wise and puzzled with the many models? We got your back! Because our team has been in this industry for more than 10 years and would love to share their expertise in choosing the perfect portable keyboard for beginners under S$500 in budget.

A question that always pops up from a beginner when choosing a keyboard is “Should I buy the expensive one because it has so many features?”, our answer is “Not necessary!” because some keyboard pianos under S$500 are sufficient enough to help you excel in learning the instrument until advanced level.

Why Learn to Play a Keyboard Piano?

According to a recent study, learning to play a portable keyboard is considered the favorite activity during everyone’s relaxing time or children’s school holidays. Why? Because not only it can improve mental health as a stress relief but also playing your favorite song on a portable keyboard is really fun and could boost your self-esteem. Especially during the upcoming school holidays, children will have more time to hone their skills in playing the piano and give a positive influence on themselves. Without further ado, please check out below our list of recommended keyboards under $500.

5 Best Electronic Keyboards for Beginners Under S$500 in March 2023

1. Casio SA-76/77/78 Mini Keyboard (S$122)

We started with the lowest price in the market for a beginner’s portable keyboard which comes to Casio SA-77 Mini Keyboard. This slim and mini-size keyboard is specifically designed for kids under 10 years old to discover the joy of learning music and it comes in 3 colors they are Orange (SA-76), Grey (SA-77), and Pink (SA-78). The keyboard features a mini-size type of 44 keynotes which is perfect for the kids’ fingers. With 100 instrument sounds, 50 rhythms, and 10 integrated songs, the kids will be having a fun time discovering new sounds and playing new songs. Casio SA-77 was built with high-quality and safe materials for children to use.

Budget-wise, with a starting price of only S$122, a very reasonable purchase for your kid’s first keyboard.

Customers’ Testimonials

Customer service was superb, from enquiry all the way to receiving the product, a total hassle free experience. Bought it as a gift and the box came totally unscathed. Product is good and definitely worth the money. Highly recommended seller! Thanks Absolute Piano!

Testimonial Casio SA-76 Keyboard – Alex***

Satisfied Customer - Mr. Alex***
Awesome seller!!! 💯% recommend. Seller even come over to check my personal battery 🔋 problem. Product item is new,clean and good condition box. Will consider buying a real piano 🎹 from them in the future. Recommended seller.

Testimonial Casio SA-76 Keyboard – Rizal***

Satisfied Customer - Mr. Rizal***
Great keyboard, my Son love it so much..nice for basic learning.

Testimonial Casio SA-77 Keyboard – Herlina***

Satisfied Customer - Ms. Herlina***

2. Casio CT-S200 Keyboard (S$242)

Everyone loves vibrance-themed instruments, that’s why the Casio CT-S200 keyboard comes in 3 colors to choose from based on your preference they are Red, White, and Black. Not only it’s colorful but Casio CT-S200 also comes with so many advanced features that will help every beginner to learn to play the instrument faster. Features 61 standard keynotes you will be able to explore the 400 instrument sounds in a wide range. Then there are the 77 built-in rhythms and 60 songs for you to play along with. Casio CT-S200 is also equipped with a damper pedal input which means you can play an acoustic piano sound along with the sustained sound function. The keyboard itself is lightweight has built-in speakers and is easy to carry with the unique handle grip.

Budget-wise, quite a good deal with so many features included which is starting from S$242 in the Singapore market.

Customers’ Testimonials

Good buy. Seller handled inquiry effectively. Highly recommended.

Testimonial Casio CT-S200 Keyboard – Kok***

Satisfied Customer - Mr. Kok***
Really good for beginners. I like it so much. fast delivery also. the bench and the x stand is quite good also.

Testimonial Casio CT-S200 Keyboard – Ahmad***

Great quality! And thank you for the stand and bench!

Testimonial Casio CT-S200 Keyboard – Julia***

Satisfied Customer - Ms. Julia***

3. Yamaha NP-12 Keyboard Piano (S$355)

The NP-12 keyboard piano is considered the most popular beginner’s keyboard by Yamaha in 2022 with the demand from the Singapore market keeps increasing. What makes this compact keyboard that comes in Black and White colors very desirable? From our customers’ perspective, most of them are very impressed by its features that resemble a digital piano from the piano-style keynotes to the preset tones (10 essential instrument sounds), and the quality of the built-in speakers. Additionally, the portability could be another plus factor, weighing only 4.5 kg and able to operate with only 6 AA-type of batteries, this compact “digital piano-like” keyboard is sure a great option for beginners who would like to focus on playing a classical or pop piano.

Budget-wise, a hundred dollar difference from the previous recommendation but still a reasonable price for a beginner’s keyboard at the starting price of S$355.

Customers’ Testimonials

Salute to the Sellers and Delivery Partners of YAMAHA NP-12 PIAGGERO🎹.I was amazed with their efficiency and their prompt reply for inquiries and requests🖖 Received this Bundle + Headphone Legit and with Good Quality! Never disappointed me with the timings and quality of each product🙌 Well-Recommended for all🎹🎧

Testimonial Yamaha NP-12 Keyboard – Angel***

Satisfied Customer - Ms. Angel***
Delivery was super fast, sturdy bench and stand. as advertised. seller is helpful when asked on recommendation of suitable headphone - did not push for purchase of headphone although they sell it but recommended an adapter for use with regular earpiece instead 👍🏻

Testimonial Yamaha NP-12 Keyboard – Adeline***

Satisfied Customer - Ms. Adeline***
Seller very quick reply all question and item delivery time is consider fast thumb up for the seller service 👍

Testimonial Yamaha NP-12 Keyboard – Heng***

Satisfied Customer - Mr. Heng***

4. Casio CT-S1 Portable Keyboard (S$352)

Based on our sales performance, the CT-S1 portable keyboard is the top-selling Casio model for 2 years straight from 2021 to 2022. Pretty much the same reason as the previous recommendation, this compact keyboard piano comes in 3 colors (Black, Red, and White) plus a seamless Bluetooth (with an additional Dongle) connection feature. The 61 keynotes have a touch response with 3 adjustment levels to suit your preference. Casio CT-S1 is also equipped with a music-making MIDI Recorder function and a premium set of 61 instrument sounds. The Bluetooth connection is really set this keyboard apart from the rest in its category because you can easily connect it to your smartphone and start using the Casio native app “Chordana Play” to help you learn to play the instrument. Not to mention it only weighed 4.5 kg, has high-definition built-in speakers, and is able to operate with 6x AA batteries.

Budget-wise could be one of the perfect portable keyboards ever created for beginners with a starting price of S$352.

Customers’ Testimonials

Bought the red version on 12 Jan, gave them a call and they prepare the stock immediately! Very helpful and friendly sellers! Will definitely purchase musical products from their site again!

Testimonial Casio CT-S1 Keyboard – Mauice***

Satisfied Customer - Ms. Mauice***
Fast delivery, very good after-sales service, and prompt in responding questions! There was some issue with the x-stand and the seller sent a new one as a replacement. The keyboard itself was beautiful, sounds good, and overall a happy purchase experience!

Testimonial Casio CT-S1 Keyboard – Olah***

Satisfied Customer - Ms. Olah***
Piano was delivered in just a week. satisfied with the keyboard. perfect for beginners.

Testimonial Casio CT-S1 Keyboard – Nurhaz***

Satisfied Customer - Mr. Nurhaz***

5. Roland GO:PIANO61 Digital Keyboard (S$479)

For those of you who are looking to hone your skill specifically in the classical or pop piano, Roland GO:PIANO61 could be your best option because this model is a piano-focused portable keyboard. The 61 keynotes feature ivory-feel and box-shaped keys with velocity-sensitivity which means you are going to experience a traditional piano touch on every note. A total of 40 essential instrument sounds (most of them are piano-focused tones), and 99 songs are going to help you a lot when it comes to learning to play the Pop piano. Wireless connection is also available with the Bluetooth system (no additional dongle needed) to pair your smart device to the keyboard and start running the native app for onboard learning or you can stream your favorite song to the keyboard’s built-in speakers. This compact piano-focused keyboard is also a compact machine weighing only 3.9 kg and able to operate with batteries.

Budget-wise, the starting price is S$479, definitely a good deal for a piano-focused keyboard.

Customers’ Testimonials

The seller is very friendly and answered my questions patiently. The item came in sturdy packaging. The item is working well as expected. Very good deal!

Testimonial Roland GO:PIANO61 Keyboard – Lynn***

Satisfied Customer - Ms. Lynn***
Great keyboard 🎹 and excellent service from seller 🥰.

Testimonial Roland GO:PIANO61 Keyboard – Krys***

Satisfied Customer - Mr. Krys***


As we always said, budget-wise is only a small factor when choosing the perfect portable keyboard for beginners, you should also look into its capability and features that can help you a lot in learning the instrument. If by any chance, after reading the article you are still confused about which one to choose, rest assured because you can always reach us directly to get in-depth information about the keyboard that may suit your need.

Note: If you are ready to advance to the next level of piano playing, please check out our Top 5 Best Digital Pianos article for your consideration

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