best father's day gift ideas

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day, which will be celebrated on the 16th of June in Singapore, could be one of the best days for all Dads – a recognition day for all their hard work and dedication to their families.

A celebration is not complete without giving the best gift or present, that’s why, to make their day let’s start preparing the best Father’s Day gift ever without spending a fortune and easy to find in Singapore. Check out some of the lists below that will surely create a memorable day for your Father.

5 Memorable Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Music Lessons

Every father out there must have a long-lost dream to become a musician or at least be able to play a certain instrument. Now, it’s the perfect time to relive their dream by enrolling in a music lesson. Whether enrolling in a guitar lesson, piano lesson, or drum lesson, there’s always room for the dad to ignite their long lost dream to be an avid musician. For the father who is still not sure which instrument is suitable for them, there’s always a trial lesson to choose from. Take a look at some of our recommendations for music lessons for adults:

drum lessons for adults in singapore
father's day gift ideas - bali short trip

2. Short Relaxing Family Trip

Three relaxing days (Friday-Sunday) would be one of the best gifts for the dad. Our bordering state – Johor Bahru – is possibly one of the most popular destinations for every Singaporean not only for leisure but also for the delicious foods – an all-you-can-eat day would be a great treat for the Dad. Bali in Indonesia is also a good destination for a short trip where you can have a relaxing staycation in a beachfront villa just enjoying the moment with the family.

3. Workout Motivation Gifts

Noticed your father fatigue a lot lately? Might be a good time to motivate him to start working out with workout-related gifts. A new set of comfortable workout outfits will be a good motivation for him to start a relaxing jog in the afternoon. For the practical dad, consider getting a Folding Bicycle as a gift where not only can be used as an exercise to burn calories but also as a means of transportation.

father's day gift ideas - workout outfit
father's day gift ideas - beer bouquet

4. Beer Day is Always A Good Day

For some Dads, a cold can of beer on Sunday would just make their day, a crate can of beer will add to their list of happiest days in their life. Maybe you can be more creative to make it memorable by making a Bouquet of Beer instead of in the usual crate. Couldn’t be hard to make right?!

5. New Musical Instrument for a New Hobby

At a certain age, an adult is recommended to have a hobby to keep their mind and body always in active mode. Learning to play a musical instrument would be a good new hobby (or reliving a dream) to start with. The easiest one would be learning to play the Piano from YouTube, the instrument itself is easy to find and at a reasonable price. Currently, our store is having a sale for every musical instrument – digital pianos, keyboards, guitars, and electronic drums. Please check out the list on this page: Musical Instruments on SALE.

father's day gift ideas - playing piano as a new hobby


These simple Father’s Day gift ideas are some of the ways you can show how you appreciate and love all of the things that your Dad has done. Of course, there won’t be any limitation for you to showcase your love, but always remember whatever it is a Father will always remember it as the best gift ever.

If you would like to learn more about our music classes that may be suitable to your Father’s interest, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you soon.

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