best entry level digital pianos under $1000

Best Entry-Level Digital Pianos Under $1000 in May 2024 (Updated)

Whether you are an adult or a junior, learning to play the piano is a fun and useful life skill. Everyone will start with the fundamental step as a beginner which is choosing the suitable instrument.

While owning an actual acoustic piano seems a good idea for a long-term investment, the cost of one could easily hurt your savings. That’s why nowadays, beginners and professionals are keen on owning a digital piano; an electronic musical instrument that has 88 fully-weighted keys and is focused on the piano sound; because not only it’s at an affordable price range but it also has many convenience features such as portability and massive sound bank selection.

However, digital pianos also come in wide categories based on prices, functions, features, and many other miscellaneous things that will confuse a beginner in choosing one. Rest assured because the main focus that you are looking for is the “Entry-Level” and we just know which one it is, read more to find out your option.

Why an Entry-Level Electric Piano?

An entry-level digital piano focuses on the fundamental features that will help a beginner start their learning process with ease such as 88 fully-weighted keys, essential instrument sounds, HD built-in speakers, USB ports, and portability. This way, it will be more cost-saving instead of choosing the professional-level one with advanced features.

Recommended Entry-Level Digital Pianos

1. Casio CDP-S110 ($599)

Casio CDP-S110 is one of our top-selling digital pianos in 2023 because it caters to all of the beginner’s needs from weighted keys to a beginner-friendly navigation system, and most importantly at an affordable price.

Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II is the system that allows users to feel the weight difference between the bass (lower) and treble (higher) notes much like in an acoustic piano. Ten piano-focused sounds with easy operation are ready for you to play with.

Additionally, Casio CDP-S110 is the slimmest and most compact design in the portable digital piano category makes it easy to place it anywhere without needing too much space plus able to operate with batteries – perfect for Singaporean housing.

2. Roland FP-10 ($699)

The Roland FP series is possibly one of the most popular digital pianos among piano students in Singapore, especially the Roland FP-10. The reason for that success is mainly due to the piano’s playability.

Equipped with 88 keys (PHA-4 Standard Keyboard: with Escapement and Ivory Feel) pretty much the same as the above models where it allows users to feel the weight difference between the Lower and Higher registers but it also comes with 5 levels of touch sensitivity (most entry-level only have 3 levels). This touch sensitivity can be set from soft up to hard level and is very useful for a beginner who never experienced playing with weighted piano keys.

The SuperNATURAL Piano Sound generates a total of 36 tones where it’s divided into 15 onboard and the rest accessible via Roland Piano App which can be connected via the built-in Bluetooth. The app can also help beginners with their practice.

3. Korg B2 ($705)

Korg is also one of the major players in the digital piano categories in Singapore, especially the one that caters to beginners. Their most popular portable digital piano model is Korg B2 which was released in July 2019 and is still being produced.

Comes with the Natural Weighted Hammer Action keyboard which based on some customer reviews, feels more weighted than other entry-level models. Essentially, this key type also replicates the weight, feels, and responses of an actual acoustic piano from the lower to the upper register.

Twelve piano-focused sounds (including German and Italian piano sounds) and up to 120 tones of polyphony make it easier for you to explore the range of notes.

Connect to the “Skoove” online piano lessons via its USB port to start your daily practice and also the “KORG Module” a high-quality mobile sound module app that provides a pro-quality sound library.

4. Casio CDP-S160 ($799)

If you are looking for an entry-level digital piano with an acoustic-like key feel that also includes the tri-pedal function at a reasonable price, then the Casio CDP-S160 is your best choice that comes in two finishes – Black and Red.

Casio CDP-S160 is an upgraded version of the much-loved CDP-S110 with an additional wooden stand and tri-pedal included, therefore, you will experience playing a digital piano in an acoustic-like environment.

The Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II feature is also equipped on the keyboard side, allowing users to feel the difference in the key resistance between the lower and higher registers.

Portability is also another plus because you can easily detach the piano from the wooden stand, can be operated with the use of batteries, and have a high-quality built-in speaker system, so you can play it anywhere and at any time.

5. Yamaha P-143 ($760)

The Yamaha P series is well-known amongst beginners, and following that success, they recently launched a new family member named Yamaha P-143.

The Graded Hammer Compact (GHC) keyboard from the previous P series is making a comeback in this new model. This keyboard type is highly praised by users due to its ability to offer the same weighted acoustic piano-like playing feel. This machine is equipped with ten piano-focused sounds including the acclaimed Yamaha CFIIIS Grand Piano tone. Also, the USB feature can be connected to the Smart Pianist app on your smartphone for your practice purposes.

The slim and minimalistic design of P-143 comes with or without a wooden stand, making it easier for you to place it anywhere in your home.

6. Alesis Prestige Artist ($825)

Alesis is possibly the newcomer in the digital piano market in Singapore, but make no mistake this American brand comes with a full range of high-quality instruments, one of them is the Alesis Prestige Artist with 88-key Graded Hammer Action.

The Graded Hammer Action keyboard has a similar characteristic to the Yamaha P series but according to our customer’s experience who tried it at our showroom, the Alesis Prestige Artist one is heavier than the P series.

A total of 30 sounds with beginner-friendly LED buttons and up to 256 tones of polyphony (the most of an entry-level), making sure all of the keys can be heard while pressing them simultaneously.

Additionally, the powerful 50W micro-array speaker system delivers clear and balanced sound for everyone to hear.


For a beginner, it’s unnecessary to own an advanced or expensive digital piano to start their learning session because sometimes determination plays a key role in whether you are willing to continue or stop. Especially, for the one who only learning the piano for leisure, an entry-level one will be the most suitable one.

Later on, once your piano skills have improved can easily upgrade to a digital piano with advanced features. Besides digital piano was built to last at least up to 10-15 years with the proper treatment.

Hopefully, the list can give you a better understanding to choose the best one for you. Another tip, before deciding on a model, always do an actual test or try the model first because the actual feel plays an important role in matching your preference.

We always encourage our customers to come to our Showroom to try all of the digital pianos that we have, if you would like to try the mentioned models above, feel free to write us a message below.

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