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Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners in March 2024 (Updated)

Did you know according to many research and professionals’ opinions, an acoustic guitar is considered one of the easiest musical instruments to learn? Additionally, an acoustic guitar is also one of the most affordable instruments making it a favorable first musical instrument to learn for beginners.

Nowadays, there are plenty of acoustic guitar models from numerous brands in the world with so many great features, built quality, astonishing sound grade, and a variety of price ranges. For example, there are Yamaha acoustic guitars, Martin acoustic guitars, Jabez acoustic guitars, and more. Every brand has its own unique characteristic that may suitable for you in terms of playing experience and sound quality.

For beginners, these many choices could lead to doubt and hesitation mainly because they are still not able to identify their own playing style and the acoustic guitar that could match it. Rest assured, because our team has been in the musical instrument industry for more than a decade and is willing to provide you with some of our top acoustic guitars recommendation for beginners at affordable costs. Read the article more to find out.

What is an acoustic guitar?

An acoustic guitar is one of the string family musical instruments with a hollow body that produces the sound through the strings’ vibration. An acoustic guitar commonly uses six steel-type strings with the note alignment as follows: E-A-D-G-B-E.

Should I buy an expensive acoustic guitar?

Buying an expensive acoustic guitar is not necessary for a beginner because after you have advanced your techniques, you will get a better understanding of the type of guitar that suits your playing style. Although, there’s an exception if you’re looking for an investment-type of guitar where mostly found in expensive ones.

6 Recommended Acoustic Guitars for Beginners

1. Genesis GMG-100V Acoustic Guitar ($59)

Genesis is considered a newcomer by guitar enthusiasts in Singapore but makes no mistake they have produced some good quality guitars for the past few years. The Genesis GMG-100V specifically targeted users who never had any experience picking up a guitar. The combination of a Venetian cutaway on a Linden’s body highlights a comfortable playing experience and delivers a warm tone. Additionally, the Mahogany neck and Richlite fretboard reduce the fingers’ soreness when playing the chords which commonly happened to a beginner. With a starting price of S$59, a total bargain for beginners and you can choose from two different colors: Natural and Sunburst.

2. Jabez JGA-250MV Acoustic Guitar ($119)

Jabez is another newcomer in Singapore but has been making its name for quite some time worldwide. One of their popular beginner acoustic guitars is the Jabez JGA-250MV which highlights all-Mahogany tonewood. The Mahogany tonewood on the Top, Back, and Sides produces warm and mellow tones that are suitable for playing today’s Pop Songs. The comfortable 40-inch Grand Auditorium body type is helping you to get used to the standard size of a pro-level acoustic guitar body type. The starting price is S$119 (PROMO) an affordable one for an all-Mahogany acoustic guitar.

3. Jabez JDR-500SV Acoustic Guitar ($149)

If you prefer the traditional dreadnought body type, the Jabez JDR-500SV is for you. The additional cutaway makes it easier for beginners to reach the higher frets. The Spruce tonewood on Top is the material that produces a bright tone whenever you strum the guitar. Mahogany is trusted to be the backbone for the Neck and Head making it a sturdy-looking guitar. The JDR-500SV’s fretboard is getting an upgrade compared to the previous two, with Rosewood as the material providing a softened bright tone and comfortable chords playing experience. This entry-level acoustic guitar is only S$149 (PROMO) and includes a bundle set that you will love.

5. Yamaha F400 Acoustic Guitar ($270)

Yamaha F series is one of the most popular acoustic guitars among beginners not only due to the sound and build qualities but also at affordable price range. Now, they are back with the new version in F400 series with modern and simple looks.

If you are familiar with Yamaha F310 then you will love the new Yamaha F400 because it also highlight Spruce tonewood on the Top and Meranti on the Back/Sides producing clear well-balanced tones which mostly preferred by beginners.

The F400 finishes focused on modern and simple looks where it removed the pickguard so the body will look cleaner in Natural Satin and Smoky Black finishes.

With a starting price of $270 (PROMO), F400 is definitely a bargain for beginners.

4. Yamaha F310P Acoustic Guitar ($289)

Yamaha has been worldly known as one of the best guitar manufacturers and the Yamaha F310 is arguably one of the most popular starter acoustic guitars in Singapore. To make it more convenience for beginners, Yamaha came up with a beginner-friendly package in Yamaha F310P which consists of the F310 acoustic guitar along with the essential accessories including Capo, Strap, Extra Strings, Bag, and more to get you started immediately

The built quality of the F310 is one of the reasons that made it popular. Highlighting a standard-size traditional Western body with Solid Spruce on Top and Meranti wood on the Back/Sides that delivers well-balanced, bright, and responsive sounds. Rosewood made its way as the Fingerboard material on this guitar ensures every chord is played smoothly and reduced soreness on the fingers. To make it more convenient for your playing style, Yamaha F310P comes in two colors: Natural, and Tobacco Brown Sunburst.

With a price of S$289, the F310P is the most complete and affordable acoustic guitar for beginners.

6. Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar ($685)

Martin guitars are considered one of the premium guitar manufacturers in the world but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a line of starter guitars for beginners. This Martin LX1 aka Little Martin is one of their popular beginner acoustic guitars, so popular even Ed Sheeran made its signature model in the acoustic-electric version. Martin LX1 is a small-body type with 20 frets a perfect size for your travel companion. The body material consists of a hand-rubbed Solid Sitka Spruce top and Mahogany pattern HPL on the Back/Sides, these tonewoods combination produces a big bright tone. Due to its small size and Richlite on the fingerboard making it is very comfortable to play even for beginners. The price tag of S$685 seems to be a big gap compared to the previous four but consider this as a longtime investment, even if you are already at the advanced level, this guitar is still great to play.


Choosing the right guitar could help you to master the instrument faster because people will practice more often when the instrument has that comfortable feeling. Additionally, always remember to do an actual test before purchasing because the actual feel while playing the guitar is important for your playing style.

Hopefully, these recommendations will give you a clear idea of which one to choose for your first acoustic guitar. If you are keen to learn the instrument properly, our acoustic guitar classes are suitable for beginners of any age. Feel free to fill in the form below if you’d like to learn more about our classes.

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